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    How many trades can I place in one day? Is there a limit? !!!

    Will the broker raise any concern if we place too many trades? Do they profit more if we place many small trades or few trades of bigger amount per trade?

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    Hey. They like "volume" and they prefer that you take more trades with lesser investment rather than vice versa. I have never heard of anyone getting banned for taking too many trades. Most problems are due to lack of enough trades because of bonuses and such.

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    Thank you. That was very informative

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    They can be concerned if you place less but bigger trades, but this is risky also for you so there is no need to do this hoping to make a big win out of nothing
    "The goal of a successful trader is to make the best trades. Money is secondary." - Alexander Elder

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    There are some brokers that don't allow you to trade several trades on the same expiry (I think Banc de Binary, but maybe more Spotoption brokers do). Best thing is (as you already should have done before opening an account) to read their T&C very good.

    Normally, however, they want you to trade as much as possible.
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    I've noticed that bigger trades with a lot of risk make me nervous thus I tend to lose easier and big. Small trades look cute, they don't make you sweat and look at the graph as if your fate is written there and thus you choose them with calmness and real analyzis. In the long run, smaller beats bigger.

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    I am currently following a long term signal system ie expiry end of current week,next week and end of the month. Expiry end of next week seems to be working fine. I'm getting good success rate. I Was thinking of going big instead of many small trades. Any advices? I'm Following autobinarysignals by Roger pierce. It's one of the best selling in click bank

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    Nice question... maybe you guy's already know There are some brokers that don't allow you to trade several trades on the same expiry.

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    Yep, that's true.

    I think BdB (and maybe several other Spotoption brokers) have rules like these and some of them will use this rule against you if you make money.

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    It actually depends on your broker, how many they allow you to carry out trades. Some brokers even allow their clients to place only 2 trades at a time, some even do not have any limitation. So It's better if you ask Your broker.

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