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    Solid Member Davidkitdave's Avatar

    Another newbie here !!!

    Hi I'm David. I'm new to this binary option about 3 months. Just saw this awesome futon that share alot of knowledge and strategy. Gonna start writing own diary soon. But had been making a lot of mistake like making a lot of trade,trading 60 sec, martingale with wrong money management. But mistake is mistake. It's time to move on. Hope everyone can share with me something and show my mistake if I done some. I read a lot of article that written by Okane, Greek,Martin. Right now moving from very low time frame to daily. Trying to do daily trade now.
    Trading platform was using 24option.

    Thanks you

    Best regards

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    Solid Member Davidkitdave's Avatar
    Forget to introduce myself.
    I'm david. I'm from malaysia. Currently working in Singapore. Still new to this binary business. Hope can get more guideness from all of the people. And thanks for providing this great furom to be a folks collective of binary trader.

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    Legendry Member Okane's Avatar
    Hey David, welcome. Good to know that you read our articles.
    That's a good start, diary is great too. I will help with your diary
    when it is up and running. See you!
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    Alright!Thanks you so much Okane. I will try to start up hope you can give me more recommend on a higher time frame trading.
    Just explain what strategy im using for my trade.
    I will trade 2 different type of strategy.
    1 is in one of the article i read is called 5X5 strategy which is a end of day expiration.
    Another two is short term trading. Which one is create by u and bodgan.
    (Getsuga , your 15 min trading) Which is using Rsi,Stoch,3 different Ema. I think you knew which one im mentioning.
    I also trade news release in a opposite way which is high volatility.
    In 15 min time exp. I work as a bartender so most of the time i trading was Japan market & Us market more.
    Sorry for my english. Please give me some advice which can help my trading skills to be better. Thanks you

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    Legendry Member Okane's Avatar
    You're welcome. Don't overwhelm yourself too much.
    Stick with one strategy at a time, try it, learn from it then if
    you don't like it move to the next. The market is not going anywhere, (well, up or down :P).
    Stick to one asset and one strategy in the beginning, that's lesson one.
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    Solid Member Davidkitdave's Avatar
    Ok Okane. Noted
    The lesson one atick with one strategy & pick a asset that im very familiar with. I just write my first diary maybe u can dropby and give me some advise on that.

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    Moderator Kolyo's Avatar
    Welcome David,

    That is a good start, but really try keeping it simple. Start with one strategy and one asset. Keep track record of all your trades, if you trade on demo ok, if you trade live try keeping your risk under control at 1% of your balance, don’t trade too often and use expirations higher than 1 day. This are some basic but absolutely necessary ideas how to proceed. Also keep posting here about your progress, because it is possible to not see some mistake that can be easily overcome if somebody help you! Wish you good luck and happy trading
    "The goal of a successful trader is to make the best trades. Money is secondary." - Alexander Elder

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    Solid Member Davidkitdave's Avatar
    Hi Kolyo. Thanks for your advise understanding.
    I did start my diary to record down all the trade that i make.
    Maybe you can guidance me too over there.

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    Master Member SeasaltMcFish's Avatar
    Hi David, welcome!

    As said above by others: keep it simple! Learn one thing at a time. You should see learning trading as an education. No one gets his grade the same day/month he starts.

    I understand the charts are calling you to trade, but doing your home work first, will improve your results dramatically. There will be enough time to enter the markets. First learn to survive!

    Wishing you a good stay at BOTS

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    Veteran Member Dan21's Avatar
    Yeah, trading can be really hard if you don't go trought it step by step. What's the hurry after all? One of the best things about trading, is the very process of learning how to do it.

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