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    Exclamation Bigoptions scam - complaint n2334m !!!

    Hello all,

    I am new to the forum... prior to writing this post I run a search on bigoptions and I was surprised to see that there no complaint posts... probably I am the only "unlucky" one...

    I signed up with an account with them with an assisted trading contract, meaning that I had a specific broker to trade for me.

    They wiped out the account twice, initially with first deposit of 10k, secondly with second deposit of 5k.

    The "excuse" of the chief of the broker is that my assigned broker, Linsday Taylor Wells from Los Angeles (USA), had panicked and being really low on her "quota" placed on only 1 day, a total of 10k trades which were all in a loss (2k per trade), and the whole work of art was accomplished in just 3 minutes.

    To me it looks like a plain scam, since my account was not trading they just decided to bring it down to zero, and they phoned me with their excuses, but also offering to be followed by the Master traders of the firm, provided I would have injected more money into their accounts. Of course the offer was declined and he account was closed.


    How is it possible that companies such this still can operate in the UK ?

    Can I report this scam to a regulatory authority ?

    The big problem is that all deposits were done with wire and not via credit card, so at least I could have claimed from the credit card company.

    My ordeal on BO is not over cause I have other 2 accounts, luckily this time wiht much lower figures: titantrade and

    I already heard very bad reviews on titantrade, such as impossible to withdraw and stuff like that.

    My question is, how do we take down these scammers ?

    Which is the best authority to report all these scams ?


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    Hello Pietro

    I've been reading your post very carefully. I'm sorry to hear your bad experience.I use one or two of top 5 brokers recommended.It is good to share with us. Martin did the great job.I've found link below

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    Quote Originally Posted by milos View Post
    Hello Pietro

    I've been reading your post very carefully. I'm sorry to hear your bad experience.I use one or two of top 5 brokers recommended.It is good to share with us. Martin did the great job.I've found link below
    as Milos here said, I warned against this broker awhile ago. I've received a very disturbing complaint against BigOption, and yet never received a replay from the company.

    You can show up at their offices and bring them down with your hands.. But as long as you sent your deposit through wire, and trading with a not regulated broker, there's no much to do expect warning the rest...

    You can also refer the support team to this page... Maybe they'll ask you to remove your complaint in return to your deposit.

    and another rule you should rememeber from now on - do NOT let a broker trade for you!!!!!!
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    You cant take them down but you can warn others.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Johnny View Post
    You cant take them down but you can warn others.
    Hey guys,
    thanks a lot for all your feedback messages.

    We have a TV show in Italy called "Le Iene", they talk about scams, frauds and stuff like that. They recently interviewed one of the "profesional brokers" who allegedly had been working in Israel for one of these brokerage firms, who claims that these companies are using VoIP systems to call customers with phone numbers from the UK or other European countries, being based totally elsewhere.

    Since they are not regulated by any authority and they use only offshore accounts, yes, I understand that it is extremely difficult to take them down.

    Although I am interested in take this thing further, it's not about my loss which I am responsible about, it's about the fact that i HATE SCAMMERS...

    Any suggestion on how to take this thing further would be extremely appreciated.


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    I think Martin is right. You can warn other traders to avoid this broker and you can be much more careful when selecting new one. In no case you have to allow a broker to trade on your behalf. This is something that you must never make happen again, because even the best brokers don't want to make you reach, they want to make them reach and won't trade in your best interest. Your trading future is only in your hands!
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    I would like to share my experience as well with the "trade on behalf" service that Bigoption is offering. I took quite some time to ask questions here and there before putting my name on the papers you have to sign. I also looked around google to find any possible bad experience with this service others could of had and didn't find anything. The main thing that convinced me was them saying they were not making money out of clients losses but a small percentage of their wins. With that in mind, I thought hey! If I give an expert trader some money to work with, the more he makes, the more they get. They won't have any reason to loose on purpose or not give their all.. boy I was wrong. 2 account managers later and hours of talking with just about all their customer representatives and supervisors, my account ended pretty much empty.

    I won't go over all what they did in details but let me just give you one of the clearest exemple of their fishy and scammy service of their so called experts. I had talks over the phone with my 2nd account manager about twice a week. Everything was fine and what he said was making sense. He then started to get hard to get ahold of and used over 70% of the account in trades in one day. When I started to send him emails and chat over Skype, I found out that he had removed me from his Skype list. When I contacted the support to have details on what was happening, they told me the account manager took a 3 months vacation.

    Now i'm trying to recoup what's left of the account to what I initially deposited to then try their withdraw service in hope I won't hit another wall.

    If you're looking for a broker to open an account with, I would definately pass on this one.
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    Thanks for reporting them

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    Here is a recent chat I had with the customer support to know how much I would have to trade in volume to be able to request a withdraw.. Note here that bonus money was added by the account manager. That will sure put a smile on your face.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    On that, have a nice day

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    Sorry for your loss, dude, but sadly the guys here are right - there is nothing much that you can do except warn others and learn from the experience. I wish you good luck from now on.

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