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    Trading Journal: Everyday is a winding road !!!

    “Find out your most limiting tasks and deal with them as early as possible. Use a diary, and jot little points of reminder about specific tasks for reference later.”
    ― Israelmore Ayivor, Shaping the dream


    First of all, English is not my mother language so pardon my grammar :-)

    A lot of newbies like me in trading somehow started on the wrong foot. So we ended up having accounts with brokers/fake mentors/auto bots that are scams if not "difficult" ones. Interested or not, let me tell first you how I got into trading.

    It started when I was still singing in Thailand and I was watching the news. That was year 1997 when there was an Asian financial crisis that actually started in Thailand. I was watching the news and it concentrated on the story of people who committed suicide because of the financial crisis. It was a horrible time! Watching the news, I was made aware that people can either make a lot of money or loss the whole of it in trading. That made me curious about this word "trading" and all those fascinating charts! Too bad I did not dig dipper about it till now. But I believe that nothing is too late for as long as we are still alert, alive, awake and enthusiastic.

    I have been on sick leave for a year now and as the time passed by, it was obvious to me that I cannot go back to my present job. I tried to apply for other jobs but it is not easy. Certainly I can do other jobs but then I thought of trading as the best option for me to make money from home! First, I don't have to talk, I am my own boss and trading has been of my interest since my time in Thailand. ( That was a great time, lovely people and the best food!)

    After a few search on the internet, I already read a lot of people being scammed from brokers, auto bots and the many kinds of Mike Freeman :-D Made some more search until I found my ex-mentor ( I say, the mortal enemy of Mike F! Lol! They keep bashing each other on their websites! ).

    As a matter of fact, it was Mike that lead me to find the website of his “rival,” my ex-mentor. If one is not so exposed to the world of trading, one would think he is for real! His website is well organized; topics on how he helps people, their testimonies, photos, being godly (ohhhh, like Mike!), mixing truth and lies here and there (mostly about his tested bots and tested brokers) and throw over some things like he is being threatened because the "DOD authorities" doesn't like that he goes out there and tell the people about this and that auto bot that made him a lot of money and that he only wanted to share that to others so they can make money too! (Oh geez, I feel sooo stupid now that I fell into that!) He goes on to say that if he were selling anything, his site would be full of ads. That is true at the first glance of his website. It is really clear of ads but it is full of links from brokers and auto bots! We all know ( now ) that auto bots is not trading and they are mostly scam! 99.99%

    (to be continued...)

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    Awesome start can't wait to see the rest.

    BTW I loved Thailand when I visited. Beautiful scenery and people. Only have been to Phuket though

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    Quote Originally Posted by Daniel Rea View Post
    Awesome start can't wait to see the rest.

    BTW I loved Thailand when I visited. Beautiful scenery and people. Only have been to Phuket though
    Phuket is a nice island. It is too crowded now compared to the time when I was still singing there.

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    My ex-mentor and HOW I got my money back from my brokers. !!!

    My ex-mentor’s idea was for all of us in his Mentor’s list to build up a portfolio of at least 20 auto bots listed in his master’s list; auto bots and brokers that he tested himself and released as not scam and claims that he uses them himself. If one got already 20 bots, he will connect it to his super auto bot. Yes, he claims to have programmed a super auto bot that works! And the more auto bots connected to it, the better is the chance of winning (hah hah ha! Now, I can laugh about this soooo hard!) To make the story short, I started building up my portfolio and that is where I slowly noticed that what he is claiming is not true.
    First, the “tested” auto bots almost emptied my accounts. I deactivated them as soon as I saw that they were mostly losing trades. Second, the brokers started calling me and some of them were aggressive and one of them conned me into believing that the info he was asking is for the validation of my account with them. It was only until he started asking for the password of my credit card did the scam alarm rang so loud that I almost got sick! I also learned from this experience what “attempt” meant when it comes to credit card.

    From that moment on, I went back to the good old internet and searched and searched until I found BOTS, FPA, Babypips, and other good sites where I found the truth about guys like my ex-mentor and Mike F. and about REAL trading! Thanks to BOTS and all the lovely traders here, I am on my way of becoming a real trader. It is still a long way to go but I will get there soon!


    I wrote them an E-Mail saying that it was a pleasure “mini” trading with them but I found out that I am not yet ready to trade and I need time to educate myself as well as save money for a bigger deposit when I come back to trade with them. But first, I would like to test their trustworthiness as a broker and the withdrawal process would tell me if they are a good broker, bad one or a scam! So I went ahead to tell them that if I get my money back, it is a good sign that they are a good broker and that I would come back to trade with them when I am ready. It worked! I got my money back from Banc de Binary, Cedar Finance, one from Option FM ( my hubby’s account) RB Option and OneTwoTrade, Only 3 out of 8 are still in pending. Option FM (blocked because of a charge back), Regal Option (I cannot withdraw because of 200 Euro bonus!) and AA Option (no reaction, kept telling me that they need more info for the withdrawal when my account was already validated since middle of Feb and they only want to deal with them per phone. I told them that if ever they will call, I will be recording the call and if they don’t like the idea, then they can contact me per E-Mail only!. Nobody called since then)

    I saw one video of a scam auto bot and the broker that appeared in this video was AA Option! Scam brokers works most of the time with scam auto bots! I am warning everybody to stay away from all of the above! Especially Option FM, Regal Option and AA Option. There are many other good brokers. Just look at the ones we have here at BOTS!

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    my trades for the day/this week

    Click image for larger version. 

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    My Strategy for these Trades: [/SIZE]

    Weekly chart, MACD, STOCHASTIC, and EMA.

    Wait till the candle crosses above(for buy)/below(for sell) EMA. Look also for a confirmation of the direction from MACD and Stochastic and the candle formation before entering. I am using my Meta Trader demo and my XM demo.


    1. GBP/USD - I made my LONG entry @ 11:40 GMT, price 1.54109. I was supposed to keep it that way for the whole week and have a check on it at least once or twice a day before I go to bed. I did check on it last night (Monday) and it was ITM. My MISTAKE was to shift my time frame from weekly to 15 minutes! I got the shock of my life as the candles start going bearish! So I decided to close my positon at price 1.55836. I went back to my weekly chart and saw that I was stupid in closing my long position. Duh! No trust with my own strategy??? Okey, I gave in and decided to open another position of the same. That is the present chart I posted.

    LESSON: I should not look into shorter timeframes and stick to my trading strategy. Only then can I see if it is a good strategy. This time I will keep it till Thursday! I decided not to trade anymore on Fridays because I keep forgetting to close my positions and my demo account got several bruises from doing so. I should post a picture of those “forgotten to close trades.” I know this is a Binary Option forum and I should be somewhere in a Forex forum but hey, I love it here! I hope you don’t mind!

    2. USD/CAD
    – same strategy. This time it is bearish! I made the same trade here at BOTS and posted there my chart.

    3. EUR/USD
    – same strategy. This was a war with myself last Monday because according to my strategy, the pair is going to be bullish this week! But that contradicts all the financial news about Greece and the pressure on Euro. On Monday, I made a long/buy position on this pair at 1.12049. It went bearish! I could not believe it so I made the an attempt to “correct” my trade. I went short/sell @ 1.11466 and closed my buy position which cost me -589.50 bucks! After 2 hours, it was obvious that my “correction” was a big mistake so I closed it. That was another -204.30 bucks! Whaaaaa!? I went through the trades before going to bed and found out why I got bruised.

    LESSON: WAIT till the news release and give it time before making any move! WAIT for the confirmation of all indicators before making your entry! Patience is the key!

    4. AUD/JPY – nothing new, same ol’ strategy. This was the only pair where I can say I did not have any second thoughts about it and I will stick to this trade till Thursday. Yes, I will stop trading on Fridays. I will make use of this time to do other things like gardening or jogging or time to review the trade of the week. Yes, my diary. I will do just that!
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    Loving the trading break downs and the honesty.
    BTW there seems to be quite a few trader/gardeners here lol. Myself and SeasaltMcfish are two others

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    I will most definately review the strat side to side with the charts... Nice review... keep em coming! =)

    PS: I also made a mistake by selling my position last week on oil. It was suposed to end this friday and I would be still in the money if I kept it untouched. Like Micheal said in another thread, take your position and forget about it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Daniel Rea View Post
    Loving the trading break downs and the honesty.
    BTW there seems to be quite a few trader/gardeners here lol. Myself and SeasaltMcfish are two others
    Thanks again Dan. I love gardening! That is one thing I love to do even for many hours

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    “A goal is not always meant to be reached, it often serves simply as something to aim at.” ― Bruce Lee

    Thanks God it’s Friday!

    Yes, it is the first Friday that I did not make any trades. One of my rules that I did not break. I got to stick to it! But I did break one rule and that is not closing one position last night! I did it again, dear diary and that pisses me off! If you ask me why I did not do it? Hoping for a bigger profit which I admit can be labeled as that dreadful word “greed” because I was hoping that the profit will even go higher even if I know that Friday is always very volatile. So, I was punished by my own action! (Good for me!) That trade went from +320 to -530 this afternoon (as of now -159.21! ( a new position I opened yesterday after Take Profit for the pair was hit). Because of this, I have set new rules for me to follow.


    1. Wishful thinking or better GREED will bring nothing but resentment. Avoid becoming greedy of more profits. Be satisfied with your set profits and don’t trade anymore of that same pair! Dangerous!

    “The Master said, “If your conduct is determined solely by considerations of profit you will arouse great resentment.” ― Confucius

    2. Believe and follow your trading plan and stick to it win or loss. If you loss the trade then take it and learn from it.

    3. Remember, you’re only ONE TRADE AWAY from HUMILITY! (-Joe D.)

    4. Introduce risk in my Demo trading. Since it is VERY HARD for me to get myself to exercise (I bought a Crosstrainer to inspire me to exercise even in winter and it found it ‘s place as a hanger for jackets and other things! Maybe for some of you, exercising in any sort is categorized as PENALTY but it is for me!)

    The rule: For every 50 bucks loss = 30 minutes on the Crosstrainer or jogging. Ohhh, that would be a very painful one! Arrghhs! Heeeeellp!

    5. Do the above penalty for every loss or you are lying to yourself!

    6. It is not productive if you lie to yourself! Who are you cheating anyway? Duh!

    7. Have a break from trading or trading will break you!

    8. I should separate myself in two halves, the trader and the manager.

    This is it for now. I might as well add new rules as I days/weeks/months go by.

    Bye for now my DAY-uh-ry.

    And to all, have a great happy, healthy weekend!

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