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    Hi there !!!

    Hi there

    Just wanted to introduce myself. Have been trading for the last 6 months but have yet to show a decent profit, so very keen to join this community of traders and learn as much as possible. Prefer to trade technical indicators but obviously still learning (given my track record!!)

    Thanks all

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    Hi Roba, welcome!

    Did you manage to go through our School yet? It will help you in your trading and teach you to avoid common mistakes.

    Nice to have you here

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    Welcome to BOTS

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    welcome aboard!
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    Hi Roba welcome to bots.

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    Welcome here Roba!

    Hope you will find more technical indicators and strategies here, lots of friends and support. It is great you are keeping your track record. Very important part of successful trading is to evaluate your results day by day if you are day trader or each week or month if you are long term trader. Keep up the good job and you will see improving
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    Hey there, welcome!
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    Welcome and good luck learning! Don't put too much hope on indicators. Try to find a way to do it yourself.

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    Hi roba, welcome to BOTS. There are many seniors and pros can help you. We are always willing to help newbies

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