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    new comer !!!

    hi... im newbie here...want to learn fromm you all

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    Good attitude - Start with a demo account or start trading with community traders, and go through the BOTS School. Do that and you will make money, maybe not as fast as scams promise, but they will steal your money.

    Remember this advice. There are two character traits that stop people making money with binary options. Fear and Greed. Get them under control and you will be sweet.

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    Welcome! You can and it's free =)
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    Hi! It's good that you want to learn. Don't fall for signal providers, scammers and so on and really do learn to do it yourself. Just by browsing the different topics in this community, you can improve a lot. Still, it's better if you start by choosing a particular instrument and try to learn as much as possible about it, get comfortable with its behaviour and just than trade for real. Test different approaches and strategies demo and try to find the one most suitable for you. Don't hesitate to read a lot and if you don't understand something or need an advise, you can always turn to us and ask.

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    Hi! Tell us something about yourself. How did you get involved with trading?

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    Agree with what's said above. Take you advantage with it

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    Quote Originally Posted by mamirbiz View Post
    hi... im newbie here...want to learn fromm you all
    Hi mamirbiz, welcome to BOTS. If you ahve any questions please feel free to post them on BOTS and we are willing to help you

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