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    CherryTrade - Mozart complaint !!!

    I only traded with Cherry Trade for a couple of weeks. I started to notice that many of my trades would be green up till the last second then go red. Humm...the worst thing one night was that I noticed that I had one a trade and it hung up in the authenticate mode for several minutes then it just vanished. I checked my loss and Winn trades and it was not there. Then the same thing happened. The next trade I won and immediately took a screen shot of the win. Then poof, gone and none of the three trades showed up. I tried calling emailing and instant chat. Then I wrote an email and enclosed the screen shot image with the individual trade number on it and said where is this trade in my account. The next day I had the equivalent of the three trades in my account without explanation and still the trades were not in my account. I am sorry but the amount of trust you have to put in a broker with binary trades I can not use them any longer.

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    Best thing you can do is record your trades. No proof, we're simply talking in the air.
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