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    eureka New Upcoming Webinar! Learn How to Trade - Sign Up Here! !!!

    Hello dear traders and new future traders!

    We are doing a second general test for our upcoming Webinar!

    If you are a newbie or just want to learn more you should definitely take advantage of this FREE webinar. The attendees from the previous webinar are also welcome to join!
    The duration is about 1.5 hours and we will talk about various subjects like fundamentals, technical analysis and many more.

    I am the presenter of this webinar that me and BOTS team has helped put together for you!

    Just leave a comment in this thread that you want to participate and our moderators will provide me with your
    email addresses so I can send you an invitation when we approach the due date of the webinar.

    Join the Next Webinar

    Below is a link to where you can add your city and find out which time it will be in your country of residence.
    You will also receive an email about which time the webinar starts in your time
    a day before the webinar and another reminder a couple hours before. So don't worry if you are confused about the time.
    Just make sure that our invitation isn't forgotten in your spam folder.

    See you soon!
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    We had a great session last time, ya'll welcome to join the second webinar!
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    Yes, It was a good learn lesson. I'm certain I will learn something new.Sign me up please! If there are limited seats, you may drop me so that somebody that didn't get to attend the first one may have an opprotunity to do so this time. Everybody can should have a chance to learn from the pros!
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    I would very much like to participate,since i came in a bit late for the first webinar.

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    Last time was Super, thank you very much!
    Hoping to join in again.

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    See you soon!

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    Great! Count me in I will be happy to join once again the webinar. The last one was very informative and I hope the webinars will improve with time and soon we will be able to prepare bigger event
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    Where and how can I join?

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    I`m modena from the Netherlands and living in Heerlen -that`s close to the 3 countries point Germany, Belgium, Netherlands- and would enjoy to participate the Webinar. See You soon

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    Quote Originally Posted by modena View Post
    Where and how can I join?
    Hi, you will receive and invitation later on when we are closing in the due date.
    Read my first post please. Thanks
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