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    Samtr !!!

    Hello from Indonesia! I am so pleased that I found you guys! So much "NOISE" out there regards Binary Options. I'm in your School now...College Level Next..lots to learn. My intent is to TRADE Binary Options with Confidence. After reading several posts here, I know I'm in the right place to learn, grow, and become an educated trader. Many thanks for the TEAM who built this WEB site...Simply Awesome...

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    Very welcome here samtr, good you started school already!

    Wishing you great trades!

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    Awww! SeasalthMcFish...thanks so much! Appreciate! You in fact are one of the folks I want to follow here but am having a bit of a challenge doing that...will figure it out in time!

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    Hello samtr!

    Welcome to the forum.You're on the right place.It is needed to be patient binary options trading.You've found bots schools and levels.

    The next step would be trading tools, indicators, strategy, CT,daily,weekly and monthly tips and trading diaries!

    You can also find top rated and recommended brokers, brokers review, brokers discussions and trading experience.

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    Welcome to the community Samtr!

    Wishing you great trades and successful learning! You are at the right place to learn about binary options and trading strategies for them. The community is very supportive and will help you grow your confidence and understanding
    "The goal of a successful trader is to make the best trades. Money is secondary." - Alexander Elder

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    Hello samtr, welcome to BOTS. You are at the right place to learn BO. Keep it up

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    Hi! You're at the right place. And you're right - you should always trade with confidence, but never forget that any trade carries a risk and you have to always analyze your next move instead of just relaying on your feelings towards the market. Good luck!

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    Hello! Glad you like BOTS! Keep on learning and practicing! You'll improve!

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