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    Dazed and confused. !!!

    Hi everyone I'm new here first thank you Martin for this forum.
    I'm in the US can any traders out there suggest a decent broker to go with. Currently I trade with Bloombex options and doing well I just don't trust this broker that much and want another one.
    First Martin you have EmpireOptions as a broker that accepts folks from the US. However when you go to open a account with them they have taken the US as a country off the menu selection so what's up with that.
    Also there is a lot of comments on here suggesting that EmpireOptions is a scam broker not to be trusted.

    anyone out there use CherryTrade if so can you withdraw funds with no hassle. how about Tradorax they use a very different platform but say they take US traders. Surely on a forum like this someone can help us traders in the US.
    the reason why traders in the US cannot find good brokers does not fall on the US. It's Europe that is to blame not the US. When you do a little research it's Europe that put a cause in the regulations that any regulated broker has to follow US law. Well guess what they don't have to follow such laws but since they stuck that cause in their and a regulated broker can now get into trouble they stop accepting US traders. But all blame falls on the regulators in Europe. they by law never needed to follow what the US has done but simply chose to which basically screwed everyone from the US on trading Binary options.

    Anyhow I do hope someone can give me a few good brokers to check out. It's sucks I am making good money. I have my own system that is well above 70% for a win rate and can't find a decent place to trade.
    thank you

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cummings31 View Post
    Why not use 24option
    Oh just the simple reason they don't accept US traders?
    I hope I get a better answer than this gssh!

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