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    How to deal with this radomnesrs thingy.. !!!

    What exactly does randomness mean? I guess for me is not matter what no one knows the future. We can have all kinds of indicators that show us trends in the market etc but do they really show what will happen next Nope they don't. But what they do show at least for me is the likelihood of a result that has happened over and over again in the past. So if all conditions are right then you should have a strong advantage to win as long as the conditions are met. But the truth is no one knows and the market may react in a different way just because it can. I think this is true in both technical trading and fundamental trading. I guess this is why it's always a risk no matter how good a system is. It's also why risk management is just if not more important than a hot winning system in my opinion.

    some folks ask me what kind of strategy are you using and I really don't have one. All I ever do is just watch the movements of a currency pair. It's like a dance and a certain rhythm to it. It's strange that's all I do but I tell you it works. My current win rate is now over 73% on around 150 trades so I know it can't all be luck. I doubt this kind of watching will be successful on trades longer than 2 mins but at 60 seconds it's really good. So my point is even though we can never really know the results until they happen we can all learn to dance and that might just be enough and make the difference of success or failure..I am only a novice trader don't know much but when I come across something that works for me I enjoy sharing it with others.

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    73% on 150 trades is very good, but still can be very much variance. It's a sign you're doing something right, but don't think the 73% is sure. It can easily drop 10% in the next few hundred of trades. That's why sample size matters so much.

    73% at 500 trades is already better, 1000 trades a nearly sure thing and 2000 trustable (as long as market doesn't change), although there always is the risk of an extreme good run.

    I surely would go on with your trading, but always look out for a bad run.

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    Thank you I'm sure you are correct. One thing I noticed that there are times I just should not be trading when for whatever reason the market doesn't like me it's at those times I am learning not to trade. Feedback from pros like yourself is always appreciated. I never had anyone teach me anything so I am doing this on my own.
    Have a great week

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    The market likes you when you're in a good mood and you feel confident on your strategy and skills.

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    Yes it's funny that way. If I'm not feeling that well I don't trade.

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