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    Well they don't seem professional at all to me. They were one of the brokers I was looking at as they accept US traders.
    When I first called they said they would only let me talk to a account manager about what could be given to me as a nice welcome packaged it I opened a account. That's fair enough so I opened account then called back. Now I got this different person a woman they seem to use more women on the phones there. I told her I opened a account and now want to speak to a account manger about possible funding. Now it gets interesting she tells me that is not how it works you need to fund your account first and then you can talk with a manager to see if you would receive any extras. I was upset and told her so I said this is not how it works we come to a agreement on whatever then the account is funded she then said nope not hear. I then said I am a member of some BO forums and I will make sure everyone knows about your unusual policy. Well before I could get the whole sentence out she put me through to a floor manager. This guys ask what TF do you trade. I told him 60 seconds. I told him I have a fairly consistent 70% win rate. He told me put another $1000 into your account I was to open with $500 and he would show me what they can do with 60 second trading. He then said if I loose the $1k I would not be charged? Right they really think people are stupid.
    I said no thanks and hung up.

    What most likely would had happen is my account would be open since they said no risks I would had let them do some trades they would had blown my account and the last thing I would hear well we are sorry this happens sometimes.. I would stay away from Cherry Trade if I were you.

    I tried to post a review with the link filled out everything complete tried 2 times and got this
    Due to undefined or strange requests to resources of server, your current request was declined with generation of code 'Forbidden 403'. Possibly problems in content of request or possibly existence of false-positive exception.
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    very rude !!!

    They are very unprofessional and rude.

    A guy so called Head of North American Desk tried his best to convince me to join their so called guaranteed profit trade with minimum investment 5K EUR.

    He called me everyday and try to get me in.

    To Traders Who Will Trade "AFTER the Holidays"

    The statistical results traders achieve during a couple of weeks in the end of the year often takes months to replicate during the year. Traders amass fortunes in a very short time. NOW is the time to hit the market with everything you got!

    Available Contracts (As of now, first come first served!)

    Contracts are given by my sole discretion. This is a privilege, not a right. I reserve the right to refuse a contract. Since a contract is traded within a corporate trading event, it accordingly requires a designated deposit, respectively.

    5K Contract - Guaranteed Payout: $8,500 - $9,050 (Depending on Asset)

    10K Contract - Guaranteed Payout: $17,000 - $18,100 (Depending on Asset) + $1,000 Bonus = up to $19,100

    15K Contract - Guaranteed Payout: $25,500 - $27,150 (Depending on Asset) + $2,250 Bonus = up to $29,400

    25K Contract - Guaranteed Payout: $42,500 - $45,250 (Depending on Asset) + $6,250 Bonus = up to $51,500

    50K Contract - Guaranteed Payout: $85,000 - $90,500 (Depending on Asset) + $25,000 Bonus = up to $115,500

    100K Contract - Guaranteed Payout: $170,000 - $181,000 (Depending on Asset) + $100,000 Bonus = up to $281,000

    In the event of a losing trade, CherryTrade will reimburse you the principle investment + profit. You will trade 50 X the volume. Should you have any further questions, please contact me ASAP. This contract is on a limited time and limited number of contracts is available.

    Time is money. Every day you don't make money is a day you lose money - Adam Chase

    Adam Chase
    Head of
    North American Desk

    UK: +44-2035192136
    US: +1-917 775 0324
    Skype: adam.c.cherrytrade

    Since my response was not what he expected and I asked a lot of questions, he started being rude and really rude. His email as follow:

    Really?, you truly found 1 trader who didn't do well with the contract? 1 whole trader?!

    Every company in the world has some negative reviews.

    1. It could be a competitor.
    2. You had a first bad impression with me, after I took the time to tell you BEFORE we traded that I never know how an individual trade turns out. (did banc de binary also do this? You have yet to tell me what was more "interesting" about their contract. I toll you about statistical standard deviation and the importance or having an sufficiently large sampling to be representative of the object of study. Yes yes yes you understood, and then you turn around and form a judgement based on a single trade.

    Now, after my hour long explanation on how real trading is done - and your repeated assurance that you were keeping up with me - you send me an email about what a bad first impression I gave you. Then, you wonder why someone like you might have posted a negative review?

    You soundtrack likely you made up your mind. So, what is the purpose of these emails?

    If you're looking to me to convince you to trade with us, I will not. I am the head of the desk. I trade with the large accounts. Frankly, your 5 k is more of a headache than its worth.

    Good luck with banc DE binary.


    Certainly, it's a big NO for Cherrytrade

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    Please read the reviews here. cherry Trade for a long time is a well known scam broker so is Banc de Binary why on earth are you looking at bad brokers you must be from the US because that's the only reason Cherry Trade is still running they take gullible US traders when any good broker that is regulated will not.
    It will do you good to read more on this site about the brokers.
    Good luck

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