So I received this email in my inbox from a Charlton Brown the name itself sounds fishy.

See if you can see what I saw that tips me off this person is probably from Nigeria.

"Well my strategy works hand in hand with a dynamic binary options software called the TC ( trade calculator) .
it is a connectivity which will be connected to your trading account and will tell you weather to press up or down button on your trade, It is the first multi dimensional trading system that can generate 120+ trading signals daily on average. The trades can be both short term as well as long term. This software gives signals for short term trades that can be for 30-60 seconds as well as 2-3 minutes. Short term trades are good for quick profit making. The long term trades have a much higher level of accuracy and give a very return on investment. The average win rate of these trading signals is 97%. This software has got built in risk management control module with a real time trade alert system that does not require a browser to be open. This software uses a series of logical steps with a combination of trading indicators to generate the trading signals.