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    I'm a Canadian based in Brazil !!!

    This is Claude. I live in Northern Brazil along the Brazilian-FrenchGuinea border. After loosing more than 75% of my earnings in 60sec trading with iqOption, I'ved decided to go over the BOTS resources. Today I am in the College level of the BOTS resources, and I have decide to change my stradegy - that is to open an iqOption demo account and to practice on longer term trading. I would like some information about Forex Robots - Is it safe if the market crashes?

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    Your thread is in the wrong section, but I guess the responsible moderator will transfer it to the right one.

    I don't recommend robots. Learn to trade yourself! It's much better. Most robots are scam or rubbish.
    Forex robots will be of no use in trading binaries.

    My advise: go through our school section and learn to trade yourself. It will pay out!

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    Thanks for transfering me.

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