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    Rookie Member Sante's Avatar

    new entry !!!

    Hello everyone, I live in Italy, and I approached recently to BO. This site is very interesting, but above all, thank you for the work you do. Sorry if my English is not perfect, the translator does the work for me

    Thank you


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    Master Member SeasaltMcFish's Avatar
    Hi Sante, welcome here

    Your English shouldn't be a problem, most of us are from other countries, so we understand language struggles.

    I hope you am able to read the articles from our School section. Very good and also free to read.

    Enjoy the forum!

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    Solid Member Madhawa's Avatar
    Welcome to BOTS!

    Greetings from Sri Lanka..... Happy learingin + trading.....

    Join the webinar starting on 12th August.
    here is the link
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    Hello Sante,

    My advice is to learn Price Action first. Let it be your foundation in trading. And good proper Money Management.

    Before you get overwhelmed by all these indicator gurus.

    Never ever ever buy courses or indicators. Theres enough free materials (videos and indicators) about Price Action out there to help you out on your journey to greatness.
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    Moderator Kolyo's Avatar
    Hello Sante!

    Welcome to BOTS community!

    There is no problem with your English, most of us are not native English speakers so the translator will work fine for you I hope you will learn something new here and move from a basic to more advanced level binary options trader!
    "The goal of a successful trader is to make the best trades. Money is secondary." - Alexander Elder

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    Rookie Member Sante's Avatar
    Thank you all for the welcome and tips
    A question: how do you share a trading strategy? What section of the forum?
    Thanks, See you soon!

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    Moderator Kolyo's Avatar
    Hi sante,

    This is the room for sharing all strategies and systems - (It is on the bottom of the main forum page). If you would like to make your personal trading diary visit Members War Room and open your own thread there.
    "The goal of a successful trader is to make the best trades. Money is secondary." - Alexander Elder

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    Rookie Member Sante's Avatar
    Thank you very much

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    Rookie Member khyangg's Avatar
    Hello Sante, welcome here.

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    Veteran Member Dan21's Avatar
    Welcome to BOTS, Sante! You've come to the right place if you want to become a successful trader. Almost everywhere else you get big promises and nothing in return of your money. BOTS is a community where you can freely participate in a lot of discussions about BO trading and you can follow the example of great accomplished traders. It's always better to learn with others, makes it easier and much more interesting.

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