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    Exclamation Alex's Trading Diary !!!

    Tuesday 11th august 20:30

    i arrive home from a long day in the mines and sit at my computer ready to practice. pizza eaten and kombucha at my side i fire up my mac version of MT4, a couple of deep breaths and i AM STILL LOST lol. I bring up the "simple balanced system" tutorial in the school section and begin to follow the instructions. As i sit here trying to add a RSI and two EMA's, i cannot find the EMA selection only MA. todays session is OVER hmmm my screen shots are not really visible! any idea why?

    Wednesday 12th August 20:47

    another 5 days done in the mines, 5 days off now its time to learn. i place my first put on EURJPY using the demo software provided here a 5m chart 15m expiry @$50. waiting waiting, butterflies butterflies. with the simple balanced system do i need to identify a candlestick signal also? my system here will be 3 trades if i lose two i stop trading but no more than 3 trades for today. YES i win my first trade using the simple balanced system. i sit for a hour in total but only one signal arose{my winning one}I'm back and i placed a put in EURJPY, another 5m 15m expiry for $50, i think i placed too early as the candle has yet to close but the 5 ema looks like it has crossed 10 ema. yes my second win in a row, 2 of 3, 1 to go. the final trade was a mistake by myself, i didn't change the asset to EURJPY instead placed a random accidental put on EURUSD. i will learn from this mistake and be sure to double check everything before hitting trade.

    Friday 21 August 22:56

    I'm back to demo trade on EURJPY using the simple balanced system, Thinking i might experiment with longer charts, maybe 1HR. step daughters boyfriend just walked in my house at this time! really bothered me i feel like kicking him out. I have set up a 1m chart with the SBS strategy, can i use this chart and place 5 minute investments? i abandoned the 1m chart, i now have a second 5m chart up, AUDUSD with the SBS strategy applied. YES EURJPY was a win a $50 investment and i profit $43. and the AUDUSD put option was a loss. looking at the RSI i can see the line was just sitting on 50 not really crossing.i lost on what i thought was a good signal a CALL on AUDUSD

    sunday 13th september 1307

    simulated paper trading on AUSUSD using the simple balanced strategy 5min chart 10-15 expiry $1000 $10 trades
    two losses in a row after two wins in a row,the losses seem to be winners if i the expiry was 10 mins, 15 mins produced two losers. after the third loss i stop simulation trading for the day. 3 wins three losses so i break even and am now back at $1000.

    monday 14th september, 1822
    USDJPY trend is your friend strategy, i place a call on the third high in a downtrend, a engulfing bear candle formed at trend line, i placed a 20m put for $10. now looking at the next candle form is a bullish pin bar, so lesson here is to wait for next candle to form. a small uptrend and it looks like its going to bounce of the trend line, with 8 minutes left i may still be ITM. out of the money it is.

    monday 14th september 2048
    trend is your friend, USDJPY call, remember to wait till the third touch on the trend line you are trading too early.

    here is my set up for the trend is your friend, i want to know if i am drawing trend lines properly. thanks.

    is this a down trend? both charts are 5m

    tuesday 22 sept 1541today i received the book "technical analysis explained" which gave me motivation to jump onto my computer. EURUSD 5m chart: i am learning the trend is your friend strategy which is a fun challenge for me. i have still got a long way to go. EURUSD 5m chart, $50 put. i notice i didn't wait for the third touch before entering the trade?? i must be more vigilant and wait for the signal to form. still a big win, price dropped big time.

    23 sept 1748 trend is your friend 5m
    i think I've detected an uptrend!!! 30 minute call $50 entry

    well i lost the trade price cut through the trend line and is starting to range.
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    Hey! Glad you started your own diary.
    It helps out for sure.

    Here is EMA:
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Screenshot_3.jpg 
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    Then go here
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Screenshot_4.jpg 
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ID:	3513

    Download Lightshot, it's free and easy to use so you can upload pics
    of your charts and results so we can give you feedback so you know what
    you are doing wrong or good Good luck!
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    Thank you so much Okane i will download lightshot

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alex Froot View Post
    Thank you so much Okane i will download lightshot
    Lovely! Upload the screenshots as files not location on your PC
    because in the other thread I couldn't see your picture.
    Also I closed those other threads. Trades should be uploaded here in your
    diary so we can assist you. Thank you! I will check on you later buddy
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    is there a tutorial for uploading clear pictures to the forum.


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    No, but I should def. do one it seems too many people fail to
    upload images. Don't know if it has something to do with their
    PC resolution. Mine is HD so maybe that's why it looks good...
    Maybe I upload a youtube video on this and share.
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    i would appreciate that

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    24th september 1954

    today i got some great help by the BOTS crew i learned its ok to plot trend lines on higher time frame charts, and then applying the trade on a 1M or a 5M to get better accuracy. this trading game is a tricky game but i am willing to learn more everyday.

    bullish movements slows beneath my entry and starts to range.. i guess i need to practice more. CALL was OTM

    i think I've plotted this fib ok

    sunday 27th sep
    today i decided to do some simulation on the eurusd using the simple balanced system which i do like to refer back to. i am on a 5m chart with 20-30m expiry, and already have got a winning call option. and that call was a loss as it started to range.

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    put just made it ITM

    another winning CALL

    winning PUT

    EURUSD trend is you're frend PUT 20 mins
    i believe i am grasping the trading game, but today i have learned that its best to wait for till price action hits the line and either cuts through or reverses as we want it to. i am OTM here: entry is red line across.

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    simple balanced system eurusd 5m chart 15 m expires

    NOTE TO SELF: always make sure the 5 ema has crossed the 10 ema before entering a trade.

    in the money although the ema 5 did not cross the 10. lucky i guess
    i really enjoy using the simple balanced strategy.

    thursday 15 october

    I think i am starting to grasp the fundamental accept of this game. i.e. always having onscreen and checking a economic calendar. keeping up with blogs, all to be ahead of the game and to know when to stay away from the market.

    friday 15 october sbs strategy eurusd

    i placed a put using the abs strategy but noticed the rsi was already south of the 50 line and id didn't take long before rsi and stochastic were in oversold zones, and perhaps putting me OTM.


    sunday 24 october

    tonight i decide to give the fast moving averages strategy a go, I'm going to be running the simulator on a 5m chart and its looking like a good expiry will be about 15 to 20 minutes.

    eurusd i placed a 20m call here, but it reversed and made a put signal sending price down OTM

    i add a down trend line on a day old trend.
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