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    The perfect candle timer !!!

    We all know the importance to enter a trade on the next candle esp. with short term trading.
    However all the timers I found before this one just ran off tics from the MT4 which is a big problem when the tics stop. You are now lost in time so to speak.
    Well this one keeps running in real time you no longer need to guess when the next candle will open you will know.
    Also it keeps track of a downtrend or uptrend for example the candle will go from 0 to 60 on a 1 min chart but if there was only downward movement when the tics stopped(not the timer the timer never stops) it will continue on counting the the time and the numbers will stay in red. The reverse is true when the numbers are in green.
    Best of all it's free right here on CT

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    Thanks, finally something I can use =).
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    Quote Originally Posted by Okane View Post
    Thanks, finally something I can use =).
    Well thanks for your patience!
    Happy you can use it

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    Veteran Member Ronnel's Avatar
    I'm using it too!
    Thanks Randy

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    Specialist Member marc's Avatar
    Very useful! Many thanks, Randy!

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    Specialist Member runneroption's Avatar
    Thanks for this one, Randy!

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    Your all welcome glad you can use it.
    It really helps my trading..

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    Veteran Member randy1953's Avatar
    Here's another thing. It took me around a half hour going through numerous Forex trading forums to find this cool candle timer.
    some guy just made it up himself. But now we have these high priced trading systems like the Forex Income boss which goes for $1000 and guess what the candle timer that Russ Horn the maker of the system puts is the old go by tics candle timer. It really makes you think about all these developers out there when it comes to trading systems when they can't even put a more useful tool on their system that they are charging so much for?

    So my tip of the day if you are looking for a good trading system to trade with the best place to spend some time is in the different forums.
    there you can get the system for free, you can read the trading histoy of the system and go from there.
    Never buy one no matter how good it sounds.

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    i couldnt download the file, can someone please upload the mq4 file here ?

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    Me either. It seems the file is gone now.

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