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    Smile Robo Option -Experience so far- Review "sorta" !!!

    They are regulated, that is a good sign BUT has anyone used them before? Like made withdrawals?
    This broker looks good for those who want to learn binary trading with real money, because minimal investment on a trade is only 1$. This allows a very good money managment with lower investments, and new traders can learn how to supress the greed and the emotions without loosing too much money.

    My experience so far:

    The site:
    The site looks nice i guess, it has everything that needs to be there.
    They use SpotOption for their platform wich i found Ok, trades are executed fast (not like on topoption)
    Getting a demo account is easy, you don't ven have to ask any one for one.
    I haven't seen any market manupilation so far. NOTE: I use a demo account!!!

    I have a verified account (took like 4 hours or less to get virified). You can upload them at the site wich is nice.

    My account manager:
    My manager seems helpfull, but he asked the worst thing -quote- "but why not investing 1000$ , and following the same strategy for higher profits ?" -quote-
    I politely told him that "greedy traders are bad traders" and that he should stop giving me advices especially if it comes to my money. He agreed, hope i won't have problems with him in the future.
    (He also has skype, so that is reassuring i guess.)

    Bonuses, extras:
    There are a lot of competitions like: Demo account owners whos make the most profit will get BONUS trading money of 250$
    So if you want you can try and work for a long time for that, but hey if you don't want to invest real money give it a go.
    There is also one right now where you can win an eletric car (not the ones that are like boxes)
    I am sure they will have plenty of these in the future.

    There are also a lot of deposit bonuses wich goes from 30% to 100% deposit, but no one should take bonuses here, you have to multiply your investment and your bonus by 50 if you want to make any withdrawal. NOTE: When you make a deposit MAKE SURE YOU CHECK IF IT IS WIHTOUT BONUS. If you are patience go for it, i don't really recommend it tough.

    They have App for iOs and Android aswell wich is kinda standard now days, or at least should be.

    Deposits, Withdrawals:
    You can use Ccard, wire transfer and E-wallets like netteler and skrill to make a deposit wich is only 10$ minimum!
    YOU CAN ONLY TRADE IF YOUR ACCOUNT IS VERIFIED,wich can give a basic idea...
    Withdrawal to ccard costs 5$ and 25$ via wiretransfer. To e-wallets they charge u with 1% wich is quite small amount, but you must use the same wallet that you used to make the deposit.
    There is this thing called "Automatic funds withdrawal". They "say" this means that you can make 3 withdrawals a day to your e-wallet (only) and it will be processed in less than a minute if it is below 300$ I can't find how much does this cost but i think it is free, they will send it to the account wich was used to make the deposit.

    I think i will give them a go, i will make posts.
    And sorry if i made typos, my english is "kinda" unpolished.
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    Sry, but to me it looks like you're advertising....

    Maybe I'm wrong, in that case I'm sorry, but nah, still looks like advertising...

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    Hmmmm I have to agree the typesetting well looks like a brochure or something anyhoo do they take US traders?
    I like the e-wallet set up.
    The bonus thing still sucks just a way to make sure you lose all your money. There are a few brokers that do give you a bonus in a proper way it's put in a separate account so you always have access to your own money.

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    No it is not advertising, i can't proove it tough... Well as soon as i saw this i started to ask around. Is that proof?
    But srsly, i am not advertising i just simply found the idea that the minimal investment is 1$ and that they do this "auto withdrawal" thingy.

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    As for US traders, i don't think so becaus of the regulation in Europe. Sorry
    Aaand for the "brochure" look: I wanted to make thread that looks trimmed.
    I never tought that i will have replys tough
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    Sorry for posting three times in a row.

    But they do not accept US traders. But here is an idea.

    If you have a freind in europe, just ask him/her to register for you with his name address etc... and use Skrill. If you make profits you can send the money to your skrill from his/hers.
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    Is there anything you don't like about them? This is why it looks as if you're advertising.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xilard View Post
    Sorry for posting three times in a row.

    But they do not accept US traders. But here is an idea.

    If you have a freind in europe, just ask him/her to register for you with his name address etc... and use Skrill. If you make profits you can send the money to your skrill from his/hers.
    Yeah I did think of that I just don't know anyone well enough to do that. However it could be a very good third party business so US traders could use any broker they want. If it was set up properly so you knew your money would be safe. I just don't know how that could be done as the account would never be in your name. There is a way it can be done but it takes more money to set up but it would work. I lived in Panama for 5 years in Panama and other countries also but I trust Panama the most you can open up a IBC which is a corporation which has your money safe in a bank of your choice. with a IBC you have a physical address that is in another country as well as a bank account to send and receive money. This set up is perfect for the trader in many ways. the IBC also shields your money from the US. you are not even in the US system concerning your money no taxes etc.
    But to do this right it can cost around $2k plus whatever money you put in to fund the account. You will get a bank card just like you have with US banks but the card is linked to the other country bank so you can go to any ATM here in the US to withdraw funds.

    If I get a little more money this is exactly what I will do. you use to social security number on these accounts and it is private but very protected and you can use a number of banks that we have here in the US but are in a different country but your account will not be connected with any Us bank and work as a seperate enity

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    I think this is why it got a bad review
    "What I really think sucks though is the fact that they can apply “absolute discretion” when it comes to your trading. Section 6.5 of their Client Agreement states: “We have the right (but no obligation) to set limits and/or parameters to control your ability to place instructions at our absolute discretion.”. For more information, please read the entire section mentioned above."

    that's pretty strong language in basic terms it means they can do whatever they want to concerning your trading on a case by case basis.
    So if you become a consistent big winner with them they can just cut you off telling you how to trade..
    This will not likely come into question if you are losing or winning just a little but if you begin to win big this hammer most likely will come down and hit you on your head.

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