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    RysioMisio's Day Trading Journal !!!

    Following the advice of couple experienced traders from this forum I've decided to start my trading diary
    I have 6 months of experience, i only do day trading with expiries ranging from 5 to 30 minutes.
    You are welcome to share any comments, tips or ideas

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    Today morning i made 3 trades, 2 of them were ITM, one OTM
    Trade 1:
    Click image for larger version. 

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    EUR/JPY PUT Expiring 7:50 (13 minutes) ITM
    That was an easy situation, RSI overbought, XPMA red, Stochastic overbought and crossed down, price around resistance point (which got broken a moment later btw but still managed to stay ITM )

    Trade 2:
    Click image for larger version. 

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    EUR/USD PUT Expiry 10 minutes OTM
    Everything seemed OK, stochastic overbought, RSI overbought, XPMA red, price was at a weak resistance line that stopped previous move up BUT the price still moved OTM, later i found out that on a bigger time frame (M5) the price was moving horizontally in a channel and couple minutes before i placed my order it broke the long term channel and started going up.

    Trade 3:
    Click image for larger version. 

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    GBP/USD PUT 5min expiry ITM
    Another easy trade, XPMA red stoch overbought, RSI overbought, market was pretty volatile so i used short expiry and trade ended up being ITM

    P.S: How to make photos big enough for people to see anything?
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    nice trades, nice charts. I think you may have discovered the need to use a longer term time frame to establish some trading parameters on the short term... ie your second trade that closed out of the money.

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    That's awesome, your diary will help you for sure.
    Is there any way you can upload bigger pictures?
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    I would love to but idk how, they are 2560x1440 they should be huge, they get small after i upload them, i saw your diary has big pictures can you tell me how you upload them like that ?

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    I don't do anything special really.
    Just save them as Jpeg.
    I use lightshot to take the pics.
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