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Thread: Hi People.

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    Hi People. !!!

    Hey Everyone,

    Steve here. Although, not new to the world of trading (traded the S&P 500 a few years back). I am new to Binary Options. I'm really glad to have found a good bunch of like minded people. I hope to hone my skills here and become an active part of the community. Wishing you all success, in what we all know, can be a cutthroat business.

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    Hey. Welcome! Yeah it can be a cutthroat business if you aren't careful.
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    Welcome Steve!

    Great to have you on board Trading binary options is just another way of expressing our trading decisions and making good profits If you have experience with futures you can easily translate that experience to binary options. It is even easier than trading directly the respective market because you have a binary outcome. You either win or lose. The plus is you don’t need a significant move in your direction to make a nice profit. You just need one pips and you are ITM! If you are just starting with binary options better to work with daily or weekly or end of the month options and only after you gain some experience to move to day trading. Also a nice training will be to test drive our absolutely free demo trading platform and share your trades in the forum.

    Good luck and successful trading
    "The goal of a successful trader is to make the best trades. Money is secondary." - Alexander Elder

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    Hello Steve!

    Welcome to bots trading community! If you trade SP500 you'll find S&P500 Trading Arena!
    Here is link below:

    Happy Trading!
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    Hi Steve, welcome to our big community

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    Hello, Steve! Welcome to BOTS. Some previous experience is always a benefit. You'll do great if only you practice a lot and you find your perfect strategy.

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