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    Rookie Member Kiwi's Avatar

    Very new !!!

    hello everyone, Im from New Zealand and very new to this. So I'm here to
    learn and if you guys can tell me where to go to get even more help
    for a beginner let me know. I think this is a good place to start.


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    Junior Member Ryan S's Avatar
    Start with BOTS School! Learn the basics,select an asset or two that you are interested in, and start following it on Metatrader 4. Once you begin to learn some tools and strategies, set up your MT4 and start practicing on the Communitraders demo platform. It's great, and teaches you some very valuable lessons without suffering any actual losses. Ask lots of questions and take all the tests in the BOTS school. Welcome and good luck!!

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    Welcome to CommuniTraders Kiwi!

    I wish you nice time in the forum and many new friends. You can really start from the school section of the BOTS site. There are plenty of articles explaining everything from psychology to trading strategies and money management. It's a great place to start and to learn the basics of binary options trading! For everything you don't understand you can freely ask here. The traders in the community will help you imediately
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    Welcome Kiwi! You'll find a lot of good information on this website. Spend a few months on the demo and have fun!


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    Hello Kiwi!
    Welcome to bots trading community.You're on the right place. You can try CT.

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    Hey welcome!
    As suggested before, try
    I started with trading the Kiwi (NZD/USD) maybe you will like it too .
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    Nice to see you in BOTS, Kiwi! The others have advised you well - the BOTS School is the best place for a beginner. There you'll become familiar with the basics. Create a demo account. This will help you try some of the things you've learned so far. There's a nice balance between theory and practice when you want to become successful in trading. I suggest you start reading some of the journals here. Great traders share their experience for free. Most of them have started just like you. Also, it is very important to consider your broker very well before investing. Literally almost every newbie gets scammed in the beginning. There are a lot of scammers out there trying to make you blow your account. Try to find someone who has been approved by the forum community for his loyality.

    I hope you have a nice time learning and improving! Good luck!

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