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Thread: Just joined

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    Rookie Member MrSku's Avatar

    Just joined !!!

    Hello everyone!
    My name is Nikolaj and I just signed up for this website

    So I am a little confused on how this website works and what it is actually for.
    You see I am a beginner in this binary option market and I have made this huge mistake where I have funded an account with 2000$ and I took a so called "safe trade" that meant if I won I would win and everything was good, but if I lost (which I did) I will get all my money back which I also did. However this "money back" is a return of my 2000$ as a bonus which means I have to trade for 125.000$ before I can withdraw any money at all!

    So far I have traded for around 30.000$ but I still need A LOT

    And since I am a beginner I have been looking for some signal service that could give me a good win rate. However everywhere I look I have to sign up and fund a new account in order to get signals that are decent. And I am not sure if thats the same thing here??

    Nevertheless I need help so anyone who can help me with anything regarding placing good trades please do show yourself and assist me!

    Kind regard a new and naive trader....

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    Master Member SeasaltMcFish's Avatar
    Hi Nikolaj,

    I'm sorry to hear about your loss and the bonus/free trade trap. It happens again and again and is a main reason why you always should read the Terms & Conditions several times (and again now and then). It's also reason why we here at BOTS warn against accepting a bonus. There's always a price to pay and no, money isn't free.

    BOTS is dedicated to help traders avoid these bonus traps, but alas most traders arrive after falling into it. A bonus can be useful, but mostly ties you to a broker for a long time, although there are good exceptions.

    However, it happened, so now you'll have to deal with it.

    My advise: Stop trading and start learning. Forget about signal providers and golden tricks, because they will not work.
    You still have a lot of trades to do, but by learning first and then trade, you may end up winning after all. You are locked to that broker now, but shouldn't panic!

    Take time to go through our free school section and read some blogs about trading first. Then work from there.

    Wishing you great recovery and strongly advise you to take time to master before trading again!
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    Legendry Member Michael Hodges's Avatar
    Welcome aboard. You've come to the right place. This website is for learning to trade, and trading. The main website is full of articles about trading, strategy, systems, management and every thing else related to binary options. The forum is filled with threads supporting the articles, and many many more. We've got pro traders and newbies, we talk about analysis, the economy and the different assets we trade. We learn and we teach, and we trade. The forum also has a demo account, you can access it from the top navigation bar or from the Communitraders Trading Forum here in this forum. The demo trades can be shared, or not, shared trades become signals for others to follow or comment on. The demo account can also be linked to StockPair for copy trading signals directly from your CT Demo Account.

    As for sigal services, don't use them, all they want is your deposit, learn to trade for yourself and do it here with us at CT.

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    Veteran Member Ronnel's Avatar
    Hi Nikolaj!

    Welcome to CommuniTraders!

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    hi Nikolaj can you tell us the broker that trap you?

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    Legendry Member milos's Avatar
    Hi Nikolaj!

    Welcome to bots!

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    Rookie Member MrSku's Avatar
    Okay okay I got you!

    So I will learn you are right.... I am just so sick of looking at my trader account and not able to withdraw those money I still have (that are locked).

    Actually I am not a total newbie since I've tried some strategies before however without success, and I've read around stuff after I fell into the "safe trade" trap. But you are right I need to learn more before I can trade with real money

    So I need to learn some strategies. I am a big fan of the technical analasys over the fundamental ones. However they do somehow connect but I prefer to look at patterns etc.

    So any of you that can reccomend a good strategy that I can check out and start testing. And don't worry I will test a strategy for ATLEAST 2 weeks, probaly a month before I will use my real money with that strategy (if it shows to be profitable ofc)

    So any reccormendations? I am up for it all. Even if it is more fundamental I am ready to learn that as well, just know that I like the technicals more.

    But I will search on my own ofc
    But if you just had some good strategies worth looking at so I have an idea where to start I would appreciate it very much

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    Veteran Member Dan21's Avatar
    Hi, Nikolaj! Welcome to BOTS!

    Do not search for a signal provider. Most are scam and the rest offer nothing good anyway. Stick with the Articles in BOTS and try to follow some of the more experienced traders (a lot of them have personal journals here). The only way is to learn how to trade on your own. Signals will only blow your account. You shouldn't have agreed on the bonus, that was a trap from your broker. It might really take some time before you manage to withdrawl. I wish you the best of luck!

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    Go to the binary options that suck site and there are many, many strategies with recommendations on use, such as skill level, trend trading, range trading ect.
    Read the pros advice is true and accurate. The three pros that I have followed the most, Milos, Bogan and Michael Hodges. There are plenty more and the are all real and all willing to help those who help themselves. They also have a school for Newbies thru pro, all for free.
    Take the time put in the work to learn, look at the charts and take there advice, and use the free demo trading account for practice.
    You will not be sorry

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    Rookie Member MrSku's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by leon View Post
    hi Nikolaj can you tell us the broker that trap you?
    They actually provide a pretty decent customer service, they just try to get a bonus deal which I believe most brokers do, I was just naive or dumb enough to fall for it....

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