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    The Geek's What Not To Do Strategy !!!

    This is a humorous look at what not to do when trading binary options, you might say it is the anti-strategy.

    The Geek's What Not To Do Strategy

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    I'd like it. Especially 7 steps. It must be respected.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Michael Hodges View Post
    This is a humorous look at what not to do when trading binary options, you might say it is the anti-strategy.

    The Geek's What Not To Do Strategy
    Very good Michel I myself have been guilty of a few of those when I began trading. I think most new traders are.
    We are dealing with being brain washed by scam companies on how easy trading is and also human nature that loves to use short cuts.

    I knew a guy that thought he knew what he was doing. He loved to gamble and believed he could make a fortunate trading 60 secs.
    Of course he picked the wrong broker Bloombex Options. It was on a Monday that he wired $50,000 into his account. Now his account manager was thrilled. But this guy did not want to talk to any account manager he just wanted to trade.
    Well by Wednesday of the same week he had nothing left in his account. think about it the max trade at Bloombex for 60 secs trading is $250.
    So that means he had to have 240 losing trades to blow his account now of course he had to win a few maybe he won 25% which would have him trading at least 300 trades in just 2 days! He told me the account manager was very pissed because he wanted to use some of his money to trade indices and make lots of money. So what does this guy do he deposits another 60,000 with the same broker and the last I heard was it took him 3 months this time to empty his account so he is getting better lol.

    On a side note I also had a account at Bloombex options it was my very first Binary option account. I opened it with $300.
    I made close to $3000 in profit and had to play all kinds of games to finally get my money out which I did then I closed my account with them.
    I do not recommend this broker at all but I do have a method to get your money you made in profits out. However my method will only work if you use it from the very beginning. This method works extremely well with all dishonest brokers because it uses simple psychology.
    I got to say I'm pretty proud of this method and so far it has a 100% success rate well it only been used 3 times once by myself and 2 friends I shared it with.
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    Wow losing 110K in a few months. People really have too much money
    Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Albert Einstein (attributed)

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    $50000 first and it seems as if he didnt care much and deposited another $60000..

    Even if he allowed 'account manager', I do not think result would have been any different except that it would have taken him a little longer to loose his money. Money managers, hired by brokers, is just a marketing tactic and I do not think they are, by any means, "pro traders". They are just traders with marketing skills and know how to use words to attract a customer.

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    No shit, $110K for binary? I don't want to be mean but .... that sounds pretty stupid. It's one thing to build an account up to that level but if you really have that much to blow on binary I can think of a lot more fun ways to spend it than trading, seriously.

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    Hey randy.. are u sure it wasn't a cent account?

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