Starting with 30 min chart price could not break support at 1.44569 headed up. Moving to a 15 min chart price action has crossed center BB (20 EMA) at the same time 5EMA crossed 10EMA. Macd crossed 0 , Stoctastics crossed at 12 and momentum crossed up at 12:30. Price action was at fib 38.2 with higher highs and higher lows (new trend ?) Stoctastics was at 84 oversold but RSI was at 54 thinking price action might retrace given the oversold stoc. I went out one hour using the 15 min charts.
Lastly price action broke the 8:00 am trend line headed up and the resistance of 1.44793 that had not been broken since 10:45 , despite 4 attempts.