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    how many charts or screens do traders like to use !!!

    Just for fun I was wondering how many charts or screens do the intermediate and advanced traders like to have visible while trading or scanning the markets. I have a few older laptops that are available to use to display charts but I'm wondering if there is a point that it becomes a overload and too much distraction. I do have components left over from my bitcoin days and it wouldn't be hard to put together a new multiscreen system.

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    Hey! Good question.
    I use two monitors and one of them is for the charts. As for the charts themselves, I use
    two charts of the same asset simultaneously. So I can see at least two different time frames
    of the same chart/asset at the same time, knowing both the major trend and the touch on my S/R lines.
    I think traders should focus on one asset and not too many charts. I am however going to get a third monitor
    but that's just so I can have my charts bigger because now the two charts are taking 50% of space each on the same monitor.
    Works well though...
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    Thanks for the question. I am learning lot from these questionnaire.

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    I am also using 2 monitors. More than 3 would be too frustrating and it might actually slow you down.
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    I'm a minimalist so one monitor is enough for me. I split my screen and use half for charting and half for YouTube.

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    I have my laptop and also a 40 inch TV that I screen cast to. so I can watch up to 12 pairs very clearly
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    I keep two different timeframe charts of the same pair on my laptop and 9 main pair charts (Finviz) and USD index chart ( on a monitor.

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    Quote Originally Posted by randy1953 View Post
    I have my laptop and also a 40 inch TV that I screen cast to. so I can watch up to 12 pairs very clearly
    I no longer have cable or dish TV so that gives me two 32" monitors that I can repurpose and use to display charts and YouTube. Glad to see others are doing what I was wondering about. Thanks everyone.

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    I use two screens, but I only trade one asset on a short term basis so it's not a big deal for me. My longer term trades don't need such quick action so using one screen to make my weekly tips trades is more than OK. The thing I have to remember is that when I look from one screen to the other that I make sure I'm looking at the same thing... ie it is possible to (I mean I have done it) look at a chart for a trade and then go to make that trade, only to trade the wrong asset. It happened to me two days ago, I meant to trade the SPX but did the eur/usd by mistake... luckily that one was a winner, but it isn't always that way. ;-)

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    I use one H4 charts for a week time frame expiry. For H1 time frame expiry I use M5 and M15 charts.I usually use two charts the same assets. But I can trade EUR/USD,GBP/USD and USD/JPY M1 charts 10-15 time frame expiry.They are 3 charts but different trading assets. I'd like to use trend correction/consolidation in place or overbought/oversold zone.

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