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    The Geek's Volume Weighted Moving Average Strategy !!!

    This is a simple strategy based on an advanced tool that incorporates volume with a moving average. Volume is important because it shows where there is strong buying, and where there is strong selling; moving averages are important because they show trend, support/resistance and give many signals. Together they create a very powerful tool for traders that shows where a basic moving average signal is STRONG or WEAK. In my strategy I use a combo of EMA (exponential moving average) and a VWMA (volume weighted moving average) to find signals that are not trend following. This strategy is good for ranging markets.

    Volume Weighted Moving Average Strategy

    These Articles Will Help Make This Strategy More Powerful!

    Volume, The Neglected Indicator - Helps understand volume and how it affects your trade.

    Range Bound Trading, More Than One Way To Skin A Cat! - Discusses trading in a ranging market (not trending or trend following)

    Simple Moving Average Strategy - How to use a simple moving average for trend following signals.

    Moving Average Rainbow Strategy - How to use multiple moving average to derive signals.

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    Got some reading to do

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