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    Trade Cycles Keep Falling Apart At The End? !!!

    Hello All

    I am new to binary trading and need some advice from some more seasoned traders.

    I have been kind of at a stalemate in trading lately, any progress i make is wiped out the next day than built back up for the same thing to happen again.

    The way i traded initially was trying to do 15 trades a day, using candlesticks as a indicator tool for trends and i have had pretty good overall success but for the last few trading cycles things have not been going so well.

    It seems towards the end of my trading cycle things always fall apart and i only end up making 8 or 9 trade correct, because of this i have lowered my trade cycle amount to 10 trades per day.

    What is it that could be causing this?

    I switch forex currencies quite a bit per trade, could that be part of the reason or is it a time frame issue or something else that i am missing?

    All help is appreciated.

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    Welcome in the forum.

    I usually trade 10 trades per week. I never trade more than 3 trades per day.Only if I want 3 consecutive winning trades.

    I don't know what kind of trader you're: scalper,gambler or day trader.

    What time frame expiry do you use?

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    i usually use varying time frames, usually 15 minutes to 2 hours.

    I am not trying to gamble, i am just trading with such low capital right now that making 10 trades per week would only be a $30 profit if everything went to plan

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    Yes gambling is not good. Binary options is known as gambling sadly.

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    This is my version... I'm a manual high volume trader but there are days that I just suck. However I try to get high probability trades it's just not happening. So what I do is to stop immediately because if I push myself to trade it I will just be gambling. Just like today that I don't feel like trading so I stopped. I did try to do some live trades today but I felt that the analysis I made only have low probability to land ITM so I just stopped. No point pushing myself to trade if the probability is small. This week I was sick and even today but I do want to trade, but whenever I look at the charts, I see that my analysis is weak, my concentration is weak, moral is low and I'm having lots of doubts so I stop.

    There are also times when I feel that my charting skills is weak. When this happens, I'll go back studying and practicing again until I can feel that I'm ready to trade again.
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