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    Double Trouble +1 Strategy - Recommended For Newbies !!!

    I like strategy, I have written quite a few of them myself over the year, but I am always amazed by how many strategies Bogdan has come up with, and not wild and crazy off the wall strategies you will never be able to use. Ones like the Double Trouble +1 strategy that is good for newbies.

    This is a price pattern based reversal pattern that utilizes two things; price action and indicators. This is to take out subjectivity inherent in reading one or the other. The price pattern is a double top/bottom, hence the name Double Trouble. The Plus 1 is an indicator, Bogdan says you can use any one you want but recommends stochastic or MACD. . . or moving averages. My suggestion, add this to your arsenal of possible trade set ups, this signal doesn't happen a lot but knowing how to trade it is fundamental to your education.

    Full review of Double Trouble +1 Strategy

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    That looks good, I'm gonna try it!

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    Newbies can be used this strategy. Test it CT demo account. Happy trading!

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