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    FreshForex !!!

    FreshForex is a reliable broker for your profitable trading. These are not just words — get the proof!
    For 11 years we've been helping each trader to trade in Forex market
    10 minutes for withdrawal of your funds in our company
    102 trading instruments for getting profit including currency pairs and contracts for difference
    0% commission on deposit and withdrawal
    15 most popular payment methods
    0,05 seconds — the promptest execution of trades
    101% is our bonus for the first deposit
    $0 — no minimal deposit even for ECN-account
    0 pips are the swops on Sawp Free accounts for long-termed trade
    $10 — you can return for losing trades
    $20 from each lot — you won't find a better offer on partnership program
    24/5 — our client support is at your service
    We always have something to offer our clients: promotions, bonuses and contests with real prizes. Watch all the information you are interested in on our web site.

    Contact me, if you are interested.

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    FreshForex is a scam broker.

    It uses fake accounts here at BOTS to promote its 'services' but is not obeying any forum rules, so please peole, don't trust this broker. It's clear that anyone using these methods cannot be trusted!

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    Thread moved to Intro Business Room. Next time I see a thread about FreshForex in any other room, all threads about this broker (it is even not a binary but forex broker!) WILL BE DELETED AS SPAM! We had multiple warnings and nobody cares about..This definitely is not the right way to promote anything at all..
    "The goal of a successful trader is to make the best trades. Money is secondary." - Alexander Elder

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    By looking at the terms, it's a pure 100% scam.
    No liquid provider will return your lossing trades.
    Swap free accounts in forex are meant and dedicated ONLY to Muslim traders.

    @psossa, don't think this is a BO forum and no one knows about forex here. There are members here who know forex more than you do so don't scam here.
    We welcome you to contribute to Binary Options but not scam and non-BO related

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