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    Mathex Scam alert !!!


    Maybe you know that signal provider, i made the mistake a few years ago, when i was beginning in trading, to subscribe to their signal, it is free but you have to put money in to start. I lost all my money in a few days (wasn't much , like $200 but still).

    The story could end there if i hadn't received a phone call a few days ago of someone with A LOT of informations about myself : my old card number, email, country, etc saying that despite numerous emails and phone calls they couldn't reach me to give me 142€ that was due, he mumbled something about trading, and UK, but i wan't very sure about the credentials of that caller.

    He asked my new credit card number to wire the money, arguing that nowadays there is a SMS protection on wired transactions so it was safe (yeah you bet!)
    Of course i didn't give my new card number, i chose the second option : to go to the Bank Of France and get the money there.

    he said he would send me an email with all the steps to get my money back, which i accepted. I never received any message to this day.

    Mathex is the one and only trading related business i used my credit card with to this day...

    so be careful with that scam


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    Of course, just another scam robot.
    LOL, love the price tag though:
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    Moved to Make Easy Money Exposed because it is really a scam report.
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