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    M15 to D1 showing overbought. H1 divergence. !!!

    <div id="trade_share_post_92405" data-rest-id="trade" data-rest="92405" data-template="trade_share_post" data-function="render_trade_share_post">Longer term underlying trend is bearish. Resistance line drawn on my D1 chart at 1.14807. D1, H4, H1, M30 and M15 are all showing overbought on both stochastic and RSI. Also, H1 chart printing a higher high while CCI printing a lower high. May have jumped the gun but at the same time, I didn't want to hesitate at my resistance line as this has proved costly in the past. Sticking to my plan. We'll see.</div>

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    Should have chosen a H1 expiry as I would have been ITM. Price is creeping up. Probably my only hope now is a poor result for USD manufacturing due any minute now.

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    I meant a good result for USD and therefore bearish for EUR. Not looking good.

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    Typical. Came back down less than two minutes after expiry. Meh!

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