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    Intermarket Binary Options !!!


    i found a post of a guy ("Code Breaker") that claims he is using Intermaket Strategies to get FTSE100 BO signals. He uses Neural Networks in his strat.

    He has a computer that computes every possible inputs, a versus b, and ouputs the best possible combination and then uses that to predict the price of the next day.

    anyone has an idea how he is doing? i've tried IM strat in the past (using SP500 bank index, CAC40 and Oil Index to predict FTSE but never in a BO way, just normal trading and it works quite good...)

    but i've tried many possible ways in Matlab to predict just price movement and i couldn't get past 55%... He claims 80% HR


    Hello Everyone,

    I have used an NN for a while to simply predict whether the FTSE will close UP or DOWN tomorrow. Just a binary decision. I only trade binaries ('cause of the perfect risk control!) and have an 80% hit rate. On average, I "get in" at around 56. Some days I can't get in below 65 (which I hate). One day last week I got in at 15 (which I love!). So I make (on average) 24 points each day. This is fine. I don't trade huge amounts (normally just £10/point) so make about £1000/week. This seems to be below the radar of the SB companies who haven't kicked me out yet.....

    Just a note. Don't every try to use an NN to preduct the future of a financial time series from its history. It can't. Prices histories contain no (useful) predictive information. (OK, the Shannon Mutual Information says that there IS information there, but you try getting at it!!!). I feed my network all the factors that seem to influence the FTSE.


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    How to install this indicator?

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    Quote Originally Posted by milos View Post
    How to install this indicator?
    there is no indicator : he just described the method he is using, but i want to knoçw how he is doing it ;D

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    Thank you in advance.

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