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    Binary Options Tools - Custom Indicators And Tools !!!

    When it comes to technical analysis tools most fit into a category, but some do not. The ones that don't may be based on unique approaches to the market, or may be an indicator/tool created by a trader specifically for binary or forex trading. This thread is a repository of all the custom indicators we've found and reviewed on with links to articles and forums where in depth information, education and support can be found. Some of these tools are indicators, and some are trading tools offered by the different brokers, what you might find surprising is just how many custom indicators there are, and just how useful most of them can be.

    Mega Trend Indicator For Binary Options

    Rollover And Close Now Tool For Binary Options

    Options Builder Tool For Binary Options (Spot Option Version)

    Trade Assistant, Pimp My Binary Options Charts

    Urban Towers For Binary Options

    The New Indicator For Binary Options

    Paint The Town Red Indicator

    The TIG Wave Indicator

    CCFP Indicator, Spaghetti Or Dough?

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    This tool, the Time VIII indicator, is not so much an analysis tool as one that helps you know when the markets are open, and when open sessions are overlapping. It displays the open and closing times of all four major sessions right on your MT4 charts so you know when, precisely and in relation to your trades and signals, each and every session begins and ends.

    Here is the link to the forum discussion for more information about this great tool.

    The Time VIII Indicator, In The Forum

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