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    TradingView Charts !!!

    just wondering if any of our experienced traders have come across TradingView's online charting software and what you may think of it.

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    Trading view is one of the good online charting platforms. It has almost real time data feed and great charting capabilities. I am testing it for a while but I am still not able to make familiar all its features, very different than metatrader 4 and some features are not intuitive. I have great difficulties to select an asset for example also some important indicators are missing or hidden in the background. The positive side is that there are extremely wide variety of assets from exchanges from all over the globe, but it will be better if the selection is a bit more easy. I like the possibility to zoom out and zoom in with just one click or scroll and possibility to post a trading idea like we have here in Communitraders. Our platform is not so sophisticated but I can 100% say for newbie it is much better to start with CommuniTraders plus metatrader as compared to TradingView. For more advanced traders it can be a good addition to your charting arsenal, but you can think of other free demo platform as well, like Dukascopy platform which is extremely good for short term trading, giving you access to tick charts and wide variety of representations. I am a big fan of Oanda platform too and use it for many years. Also the free demo of Exante is exactly the same to Tradingview so much better to install their standalone platform than using tradingview. Hope this helps
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