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Thread: Hi, New here.

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    Hi, New here. !!!

    I have had a few trades on the one two trade platform. won some lost some.

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    Welcome to CommuniTraders Michael,

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    Quote Originally Posted by greensail View Post
    I have had a few trades on the one two trade platform. won some lost some.
    What are you basing your trades on?
    Make sure you study first, go to our school section from the main site
    and also check out some diaries in the members war room to get some inspiration!
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    Depending on the time left, usually I just look left on the platforms chart and see where support and resistance is. Sometimes I use bollinger bands, or on the platform look at the longer term trend, then come back to a 15 min or 5 minute chart, and decide if a minor reversal is likely to happen. 3 legs up and two down, go short, or vice versa. I try not to over complicate the decision making process.One problem I have found,is price discrepancy between One Two trades charts and forex platforms live chart. Usually only 3 or 4 points and I am guessing losing and winning trades would balance out over time. But to lose a trade by one tick on expiry and then see the price 30 or 40 ticks above it when it reopens makes me skeptical about the accuracy of prices on live charts. I think between England and Australia there is a 4 second delay on a telephone conversation maybe it is the same with price charts. So although I may be right on the trend, but my entry and exit prices are not always ideal. eg:- 9720090. USD/CHF lost12/05/16 08:44:5112/05/16 09:00:00 0.97008 0.97007 85 %

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    All brokers will have a price difference, that's just something you have to put up with.
    But that shouldn't make you lose. You see, the price difference doesn't actually matter...
    Let me try to explain:

    At my broker, let's say as an example that I get around 2 pips lower price

    so when EURUSD on my MetaTrader is at 1.14420
    that means the broker gives me 1.14400

    That means, when my price touches (suppose it was a support)
    this support on my MT4 1.14420 I wait for the brokers
    platform to also react (again suppose their platform is just a blink of an eye behind)
    so then I place my trade. I hope this explains why the price difference does not matter.

    2-3 pips is okay. If it's the fifth decimal (the pipette) then that's even better!
    But even 2-3 pips is totally fine. But you can always change your MetaTrader forex broker
    to get something closer in case the difference is tooooo big.
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    I have had a reasonable evening. off to bed for me. My one big trade missed out.

    0.72905 0.72916 16.05.16
    11:03 16.05.16
    11:15 £10.00 Won £17.60
    4234394 AUD/USD
    0.72944 0.72926 16.05.16
    10:53 16.05.16
    11:00 £20.00 Won £35.20
    4234386 AUD/USD
    0.72916 0.72926 16.05.16
    10:51 16.05.16
    11:00 £50.00 Loss £0.00
    4234374 USD/CAD
    1.29172 1.29139 16.05.16
    10:49 16.05.16
    11:00 £10.00 Won £17.20
    4234186 AUD/USD
    0.72856 0.72897 16.05.16
    10:16 16.05.16
    10:30 £35.00 Won £61.60
    4234160 USD/CHF
    0.97697 0.97647 16.05.16
    10:12 16.05.16
    11:00 £20.00 Won £37.00
    4234138 GBP/USD
    1.43519 1.43486 16.05.16
    10:08 16.05.16
    10:15 £25.00 Won £43.50
    4234079 GBP/USD
    1.43341 1.43406 16.05.16
    09:51 16.05.16
    10:00 £20.00 Won £34.80
    4233975 GBP/USD
    1.43411 1.43474 16.05.16
    09:21 16.05.16
    09:30 £20.00 Won £34.80
    4233875 GBP/USD
    1.43507 1.43573 16.05.16
    08:50 16.05.16
    09:00 £20.00 Won £34.80

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    Excellent trading! Keep udate us. You can start your trading diary. Here is link below

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