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    witch binary option to use !!!

    hi all i need ur expertise on witch binary to tradr with
    and witch markets are the best to make money in the nxt few days

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    Hey there and welcome!

    If you are that fresh and your aim is to make money
    within the next few days then you are in trouble.

    Our expertise is based on experience so no matter how much I would want to,
    I can't just give it to you in one day so you can make money starting tomorrow.
    You need to start learning step by step and also practice on a demo!

    Do you have a broker yet? Where are you from btw?

    The most traded markets are currency pairs. I can't tell you
    which markets are best because everyone has their preferences.

    You know, it is almost like asking "which sport is best" and how do I get
    a gold medal in the next few days.

    However, the most preferred assets are the MAJOR currency pairs. Because
    they have good volatility (you know what that is? Maybe not). Also, because
    the payouts are higher for them!

    Can you make money? Sure you can, maybe within a month if you are very focused and
    ambitious. Some do get it right within a short period. Others need more time, months even.

    Here is what you should do (in my opinion)

    1. Start reading, first you have to understand more about this industry and all the terms and basic

    2. Once you have read a few articles and starting to understand a few things:
    Go to
    There are amazing trading diaries there and we all try to help as many as we can by providing feedback.
    You will find people at around your level or people who are just learning how to read charts.

    3. Reading can get lonely and boring at times, so we have a YouTube channel too:
    Some videos could be too advanced but you can start taking a look. I am not sure how much you know already...
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    @okane - wow, I hope you have some template for that replay above (:
    “Don't believe anything you read on the net. Except this. Well, including this, I suppose.” ― Douglas Adams

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    Welcome Jony!

    Top Rated brokers here is link below

    Avoid GBP pairs this week because of Brexit referendum.

    I don't know what time zone you're. The best trading hours when London and New York overlap for me.

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