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    Hi everyone !!! nickname has nothing to do with bad a binary option trading experience Just looking for level headed people to learn from.

    Been doing my homework the last week, trust I will be doing tons more. Interestingly CopyOp sparked off my quest. The whole Social Media Trading thing is novel, but just felt like I was being treated like a child on the platform.

    Stumbled upon the platform which seems to be a new kid/scam? on the block, whether or not their platform works in the real world I am not willing to wager on at this stage until there is some more information on them. Probably just a front for brokers to rake in new clients. I was bombarded by StockPair and Tropical Trade reps trying to get me to deposit funds after creating accounts. Stockpair being the defaulted account going through

    Since then been grinding through all the dodgy get rich quick schemes in the Binary Option World. Luckily I have not committed funds to any brokers/platforms other than blowing through around $5000 worth of demo accounts at IQ Option which at this early stage I like very very much. Lots of control, lots of good info out there and most importantly none of that pretentious BS splattered all over their website.

    Looking forward to learning and most importantly keeping my emotions in check! Something I never thought would feature in this game

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    For me, I get an extreme allergic reaction when I hear "auto-" lol.
    Anyway, try our binary options school on the main page

    You should check out trading diaries too, in the members war room!

    Also, I am doing a live webinar today so feel free to join, starts in two hours on
    YouTube, CommuniTraders Live . See you!
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    Hi payback!

    Welcome to Communitraders!

    You're in the right place to ask and to be answered.

    By the away about your nickname payback in the area of binary options trading its okay, I prefer nickname payout 100% joked!

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    Welcome aboard. sounds like you've learned the first lesson already, there is a lot of BS in binary options.

    Glad to have you with us, let us know when you have any questions. Be sure to follow Okane's link to the school, there is a wealth of knowledge there.

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