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    Cypher patterns and Numerology !!!

    Hi Everyone,
    Just completed my post on Cypher patterns and numerology.
    I want to share it with you guys as well.
    The rules are as below.

    I have selected EURAUD, GBPAUD,AUDUSD AND CADCHF but you can use it with any pair or commodity with a name number of 6.

    Place a harmonic pattern Indicator on one minute time frame.
    set the indicator zz-depth to 15 and zz-dev to 6 in the indicator inputs.
    Before we enter the trade confirm the signal on 1 min and 5 min trend - it should match.
    I use 0.618 retracement of XA leg for point D.
    "Set your expiry time to be 6 minutes exactly as soon as you have received a signal and confirmed the trend. Do not wait for more than 5 minutes to enter. If it is past 5 minutes, then you have missed this signal."

    I have examples from my todays trades on my website. any questions please ask.
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