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    Hello!!, need some help !!!

    I'm 15 years old and have always had the itch to give binary options a go to make some good money. I'm in the need of some solid advice as to what brokers to use for a complete noob and what trading strategies could help me get a feel for Binary Options trading. I'd appreciate any help!

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    Hey there!
    As a trader for a few years, I suggest your first step should be
    studying at our:

    Binary Options School.

    As a 15 year old you might not like the word school but this school will save you money.

    The step after that is to also learn from other traders by checking out
    Trading Journals

    Also feel free to learn from me on our YouTube channel
    - sometimes it's more fun to watch things in action rather than only reading .

    Meanwhile you are studying - you can start to check out the recommended brokers
    to see which features fit you the best. Of course you won't know the answer to that
    now but once you start learning you will know - hence the learning first.
    Find recommended brokers here

    And how to choose the right binary options broker is explained here.

    Good luck!
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    Yes, Okane is right. Go to our school section to learn about Binary options

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