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    Hello from total newbie in NZ !!!

    Just wanted to say a quick hello and thankyou for the best trading site ive come across. The effort this site must take to maintain must be enormous, good on you!

    Ive been going through the school sections and cant get enough tips and info.

    Been having a fair bit of luck using my demo account. Im testing different theories and strategies, different timeframes and whens best to use them etc, etc. This is all coming from a knowledge bank of zero!

    Anyways, delighted to be here.


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    Administrator Martin Kay's Avatar
    Thank you for your kind words my Kiwi friend, it means the world for us. Hope you find all the info you need, and if you have any questions - do not hesitate to ask!
    “Don't believe anything you read on the net. Except this. Well, including this, I suppose.” ― Douglas Adams

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    Legendry Member milos's Avatar
    Hello Ewan!

    I wish you welcome to the bots forum.

    You can start reading the bots school.

    You can test CT demo account.

    Please join our skype group and Youtube channel webinar live streaming.


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    Rookie Member lavon's Avatar
    Hi Ewan! Im a kiwi as well awesome bro!

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    Legendry Member Michael Hodges's Avatar
    Welcome aboard mate! Glad to have you with us. Let us know how we can help!

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    Welcome to BOTS! Great that you're so curious and you want to learn new things. When you find the strategy and the tools you think fit you best, try keeping up to them so you can really understand them in depth and develop a feeling for directions and trends. Good luck and keep us updated - you can start a journal. It can be very useful especially in the beginning when there are so much new stuff going on.

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    Senior Member Mike M's Avatar
    Kia ora Ewan. Fellow Kiwi here, although my family and I have been in Oz for a while now.
    You couldn't have made a better decision than to join this community. Work your way through Bots
    school and follow Okane's video's on Youtube and you'll be well on your way. Best of luck.

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    Hope you'll enjoy our forum and school and wish you great trade experiences!

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    Quote Originally Posted by lavon View Post
    Hi Ewan! Im a kiwi as well awesome bro!
    Another kiwi started today after 3 months practice trading.

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    Hi Ewan, welcome to BOTS. Nice to have you here

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