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    Bloomxbex - Same Story As TradeThunder - Solved !!!

    Hello guys,

    My experience with Bloombex, just a fucking joke.

    Try to ignore, same story is coming back, they are not regulated and you notice the service is SHIT.

    Just a round out fucking joke.

    Get your money as much as possible with regulated once, I made a withdrawal last week with Bloombex, no response, no reaction nothing, I send emails to their service no reaction at all.

    I filled in a withdrawal form which is complete bullshit also but anyway, I signed it, put the date on it, now they are asking to send me a new one with my real sign, seriously can this shit get more retarded?

    My advice, and I'll stick to it, regulated brokers 1st all the rest 2nd.


    Best regards and happy trading, Bjorn.

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    Hello fellow traders,

    A short update, it's been now for over 2 weeks that I try to withdraw my money.

    'Tradethunder' said they made the deposit but are not willing to give me any proof black on white from the actual deposit they made. They just give me the story that they've sent the money to a specific account.

    I'm still emailing up and down, short story long ignore these bastards!

    'Bloombex' these idiots are really of the top, already send 4 times my withdrawal form, to compliance and to support, support said than that compliance didn't receive anything and they've sent the document from support to compliance and they were going to see that the withdrawal happened ASAP, I'm talking about begin last week, I went to check today, still not approved or accepted, I try to contact them through chat, complete ignore there, made a email go away today so waiting also for a response on that.

    These amounts are not huge that I need to receive as I'm very careful with new brokers and withdraw as fast as possible to check them out and this is the exact reason.

    I don't understand the positive reviews this website also gives them, and I suggest you to take them off and stop advertising for them.

    Slacky scammy bastards those 2, don't trade on them!

    Happy trading!

    Best regards, Bjorn.
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    Hello fellow traders,

    Eventually I received my money.

    Happy I can close this case, they gave me a phone call today to ask if I didn't want to stay, phone call ended quickly.

    Hope you consider other options when thinking about joining that broker.

    Best regards, Bjorn.

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