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    Dutch politicians work on blocking advertizing binary options !!!

    Read in the Dutch news today, that Finance Minister Dijsselbloem probably is going to block advertizing on Binary Options and CFD's.

    Indeed there are some aggressive advertizers here, like BUX, and they ruin the market and people, but let's hope it will not lead to a law against binaries itself.

    There's a big difference between trading and gambling with binaries.

    Link: (Dutch, so you'll have to translate)
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    Thank you for update this news. It needs to be researching deeply. Who knows why he was said that?

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    There have been about 50 complaints ...

    Guess it's all about the BUX app, that makes BO pure gambling (no analyses, just gamble up or down 'and get rich'.

    Would have been better if serious brokers would have had serious advertising, so the difference could be seen.

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    Dam no shit, that's crazy. Sucky ass crazy. for sure. and binary is legal in Holland too.

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