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    Greetings from the Philippines! !!!

    Hi Guys,

    I am new to Binary Options and I am also new to this website.

    Can you guys with lots of experience give a little advice to me which broker to go 24options or Iqoption and why I need to go on such broker please?

    It will be really a big help if you can help me decide.


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    Veteran Member Ronnel's Avatar
    I don't have any experience with Iqoptions so I can't comment. I used 24options before and was happy with their service.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ronnel View Post
    I don't have any experience with Iqoptions so I can't comment. I used 24options before and was happy with their service.
    Thank you for your comment Can I know which broker you are currently using now?

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    Master Member SeasaltMcFish's Avatar
    Welcome here!

    The broker you choose is very depending on your available money. If you want to start with a small deposit of, say, $200, then I would not advise a broker with a high minimum trade size, like $25 or so.

    Best thing you can do is reading the reviews in our Broker reviews and try trading on a demo account first. Don't accept any bonus or free trade and go through our School first, so you know what you are doing before you rush in.

    Happy trading!

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    Hey welcome. I prefer 24Option but you should read this article
    and come to your own conclusion based on what to look for:
    "Comparing binary options brokers"
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    Quote Originally Posted by spackle123 View Post
    Thank you for your comment Can I know which broker you are currently using now?
    I'm using Japanese brokers because I live in Japan. It's just easier for me because when brokers ask for copies of receipts for security purposes (ex: gas, water, electricity, bank, etc.), mine are in Japanese and it's just a pain to get them all translated to English just to pass the security check. With 24option, I gave them copies of my Japanese bills and IDs and I got cleared "FAST"!!! and without fuss unlike the other foreign brokers that I tried before. 24option have credible staff from different countries and they are very professional, plus the staff sounds well educated, polite but most of all are very well mannered. I've talked with other foreign brokers but in my experience non came close to 24option's well mannered staff's performance. I also love 24option's trading platform. Simple, easy to use, and is beautiful and classy. Their platform and website are very well made unlike some other sites that I visited that looks like that some high school dropout created the site.

    Listen to SeasaltMcFish and Okane's advice, they have been in the biz much longer than me and they know a lot.

    By the way, I'm also a Filipino
    Welcome to Communitraders
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    Hey welcome to CommuniTraders!

    Check our free demo platform here first and than you will have plenty of time to get into the real world as well
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    Welcome spackle123. Like SealtsaltMcFish, Okane and Ronnel had mention choose a reputable and regulated broker. They can be found on our main site and you can find reveiws about them. Go through them and choose the one that suits you. As Kolyo also mention try out our demo before ruching into live trading. go thru our school to learn the trade first

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    Hello spackle123!

    Welcome to Communitraders!

    I don't use 24 options.So far I only can use iqoption testing in progress demo account.So far so good demo account.But I don't know what is really account works in practice.

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    Welcome mate, I had some more to say but it looks like the guys have you taken care of. Good luck and good trading!

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