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    Trade Copier API !!!

    Hello to all traders. I have one question. Is there any way to copy trades from account? I found something about API but dont get it at all. I also found some websites like and , they have direct signals and Hive Hybrid. Could you tell me if it's script based or normal aplication?

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    Hi, my name is Alessandro. I am an experienced developer and really passionate in doing integrations in this world. The answer to yuor question is Yes. But it is not a rial work. I have a ready made solution for that, already working for a few companies.
    Inbox me if you are interested at alessandro.bernocchi atsymbol

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    Hey guys,

    I see you are new members here with only one post each of you but already promoting businesses. Maybe even you are one and the same person, don't know but it can easily be checked. I am moving this thread into Business Room because there is the place for all business related talks and promotions. I personally don't know ways to copy trades from account, but we have quite straightforward platform which allows you to copy directly into your StockPair account. Check it and see it can be a helpful tool if you want to trade demo here and real money in your account.
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