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    New here, hello everyone! !!!

    Alright, so first off I'm gonna introduce myself.
    Hello there, my name is Aazis Freir and I'm from Iceland. I'm extremely new to trading, just using a demo account for the moment. I learned about binary options when I was fifteen years old and haven't stopped thinking about it since. All the possibilities that came to my head are still there. I've just recently reached the legal trading age and I'm wondering where I can start out. I've heard nothing but good things about this forum and have been browsing it for the past couple of days and researching it. Seems totally legit, thankfully.

    Now if any of you veteran or experienced traders out there could give me a heads up in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated. I used a signal service for a few weeks with great success, but I really want to be able to understand what I'm doing and be able to read the markets myself. I mean who knows when those signal providers will shut down? I'd be screwed. So yeah, please if someone out there has a little bit of time on their hands to help a newbie out, please hit me up in the PMs.

    Edit: Forgot to specify what exactly I was looking for, sorry about that.
    So yeah, I would love to know which brokers I should use and which ones are red flags, where I can learn most the basics (willing to spend some cash on a book if needed), how to apply strategies or where I can read on how to. And that's pretty much it, I think. It's late here in Iceland so I'll talk to ya'll tomorrow!

    Greatly appreciated
    -Aazis Freir
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    Hello Aazis!

    Welcome to Communitraders!


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    Hello and welcome on board,

    good to hear your thought and i guess it's the right age to start with something legit, keep on trading demo to learn the trading process but make sure you should learn how to earn money through binary options trading. Making money through binary options is bit difficult though you can make your way easily if you learn this art. So give appropriate time to practice the demo account as it should be the top priority because demo account practice can be the biggest asset of any successful trader. You can also practice demo account here on this forum for free.

    2nd: you should keep in mind that these signals services can be hard to guess most of the time so i do insist you to make a daily habit of reading the news which you can easily find out on internet. Go to news sites like,, bloomberg, forexfactory economic calendar etc. and try to make your own conclusion, apply them to your demo trading and you will find success and confidence as well.

    3rd: Broker selection is important and i will recommend you to check BOTS recommended brokers option, some other reputed brokers can be stockpair, optiontrade, cherrytrade etc. Short list few of them and practice their demo accounts, sooner you will be able to find out which broker offers you the best suitable services. Open a live account with your finalized broker and start with small amount to check this broker's other processes like withdrawals etc.

    I guess here all what you need and if you like to ask any further questions, i am glad to tell you that this forum members and mods are quite very helpful. Good Luck!

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    i think this forum + binaroptionthatsuck school is pretty much what every beginner needs... im also a newbie myself, but going thru the free school, courses and youtube channel has helped me a lot and clarified my head...

    i highly recommend u to check all that before u even choose a broker...

    cheers !

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