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    Binary/Forex Signals >>FREE TO JOIN<< !!!

    I am offering Binary/Forex Signals TRIAL. If you like it and it helps you’re trading out, you then pay $15/monthly or can purchase the software if you don't want to pay monthly.
    I use the signals to monitor the market for forex trade setups as well.

    Put the time studying these signals and develop a strategy around it saves time and makes life easier. I use it to monitor the markets for swing trades.
    Track Record:

    These signals are generated from a software running on my pc 24/7 it monitors the market for overbought and sold points for reversal using a list of criteria to determine that on each timeframe and issue signal when all criteria is met so you don't have to sit around looking for setups or forcing trades, for binary i usually use 15 minutes expiry but it is not limited to 15 minutes that's more of a preference as other use shorter expiry and it works for them as well.

    You need to do a bit of analysis depending on your risk reward ratio your aiming for you set stop loss and take profit or trailing for forex that is base on your money management and analysis. I use it more of a monitoring tool for forex to alert me of potential trades setting up without having to sit all day waiting for them to appear.

    If you have any question or suggestion to improve them feel free to contact me via facebook.

    and join the facebook group to keep updated

    Here is the link to join the telegram signal group so you can start testing them below.

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    Your post came to the right place Make Easy Money Exposed! This is the place where we expose all crap-scam-spam-soft-bot THINGS which their authors believe will elude somebody to invest in them. I won't delete your post, besides it is not in accordance of our Community rules!

    First of all your myfxbook link is not a binary options trading but a long term forex trading, with no trading history confirmed and with very strange trades staying for many months there. It even may be somebody else link, no way to prove it is exactly your trading account (demo of course). Nobody will believe you with such a simple tricks and focuses! Your post will stay here as an example how not to promote your trading services!
    "The goal of a successful trader is to make the best trades. Money is secondary." - Alexander Elder

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    You have to prove your trading history. Use trading signals and test it on CT.Open trading diary and share trades.

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    Hi Guys,

    I am a newbie and I am using

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    Quote Originally Posted by qulpayltd View Post
    Hi Guys,

    I am a newbie and I am using

    Hello gulpaytd!

    What is it? Trading signals for forex trading or binary options trading?

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    It's not related to Binary trading

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