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Thread: Reciprocity

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    Reciprocity !!!


    My name is Harvey. I am UK based and therefore GMT/GMT+1. I have only just started trading in Binary but I have high hopes for it.

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    Welcome on rocky road mate...

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    Hey there and welcome!
    Have you been through our binary options school yet?
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    I have yet to go through the Binary options school. Have spent a considerable time on the demo account with Iqoption. It's OK but since I have deposited my money into equity I have made a couple of silly trades and now have only just managed to make it all back plus a few more dollars. I have done considerable reading into forex and binary option trading but you never stop learning. I am hoping to at least make a supplemental income from it as it would be nice on top of the fact that it is so much fun.

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    I understand that there is a Skype conference with trading guidance and social trading organised. Can I possibly get in on this?

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    Yes, Okane is managing a Skype group: CommuniTraders-Live Group. Find it on your Skype and join it. There are many traders in the group and it is quite active so you can chat with other traders almost 24/7
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    Hello Harvey!

    Welcome to Communitraders!

    You can join our skype group.

    We share our trading dairies, trading skills and trading experience.


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    Hi Harvey, welcome to BOTS

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