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    Hi, I'm Maclee from New York and I'm a Newbie :) !!!


    Like the title says, my name is Maclee and I'm a newbie!!! I found out about a binary options from an article over the summer about some kid from the UK making it big from binary options. While I know everyone can't be a super success story, that article definitely piqued my interest due to my belief in the importance of a side-hustle in order to gain financial freedom. I have signed up to Nadex (only a demo account of course), downloaded MetaTrader 4, and I'm currently reading through your trading school. I stumbled onto CommuniTraders when searching for video to how use MetaTrader 4. I like your philosohpy of teaching and trading together (power in numbers after all). I have background in law and policy for nearly decade. While law and policy can be dangerously boring at times, I am strangely excited to learn a new field and see where this can take me. Cheers!!!

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    welcome board m8 !!

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    Thanks Poe!!!!

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    Hey good to have you here and happy to hear you found the YouTube channel.
    You should check out the price action playlist there too and
    check out the members war room here in the forums.
    Let us know if you need any help!

    By the way, that kid you found out about is most probably the scammer well known to us. Don't get fooled by
    that nonsense and the golden cars. Trading required education and takes time to master so don't listen to these gurus!
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    Welcome to Communitraders!

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    Welcome on board in CommuniTraders Maclee! This is a great place to start learning about trading. Most of us started trading as a hobby and than side business. This is something very common among traders and you can do it too, part time when you are free. It is definitely not a quick money scheme. Trading is one of the hardest businesses in the world, but the rewards can be unlimited
    "The goal of a successful trader is to make the best trades. Money is secondary." - Alexander Elder

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    Welcome Maclee. You have come to the right place

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    Welcome aboard mate! For tips/strategies/whatever about NADEX, check out this thread:
    Michael is the moderator over there
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    Welcome aboard! Glad to have another NADEX enthusiast among the group. I think you will find that you like it very much. Martin gave you the link to the NADEX forums, we have dedicated threads for a number of topics from general NADEX info to trading strategies on the weekly, intraday, 20 minute and 5 minute expiry. Come on over and check us out!

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    Hi and welcome! Very nice introduction. Keep us updated on your progress. Nadex is a great choice. Good luck!

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