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    FOREX News Trading Course (90 day money back guarantee) !!!

    Hey all been a while since I posted as I have been working on some new projects, one of them was a Forex news trading Expert Adviser and a hands on course to teach you how to use it step by step. I am offering a news trading course for FOREX, below you will find some more info.

    If anyone wants access to speak to students just let me know i am 100% open about the course and think personally its better to talk to students about there results. I can toss you in our chat group in slack so you can speak to them.

    Other note if an Admin wants to give the course a try drop me a line and I will shoot you a free copy so you can give feedback.

    News trading is not hard to learn its more about repeating your set up correctly over and over so no mistakes are made. The course is broker down into 4 parts,

    1. News trading basics, terminology and broker selection.
    2. Demo Mode to dial in your broker.
    3. Live mode on small trade size 0.01.
    4. Live mode normal trade size.

    Typically you can go from demo to live in about 60 days.

    If you follow the course step by step and in 90 days if you are not making money I will issue a refund minus the PayPal fee which is like $5.00.

    All you will need to do is show me your spreadsheet and screen shots to show you followed the course step by step.

    For beginners, Straddle trading in lay-man terms is described as a method of simply placing two pending orders before news is released, a buy-stop and a sell-stop. The essence of this is to set a trap to capture market moves after a news release which may go either way. If the news release comes out bullish, a bullish spike would trigger the buy-stop, the same applies to bearish spikes. So with straddling, the direction of a news release is not so important just that you catch the move.

    The course includes a Metatrader 4 expert advisor that allows you to automatically trade the news events that matter in Forex, regardless of the outcome of the release. The robot places pending orders in both directions so that if the news has a significant impact on the Forex market, you are set and ready to cash in on the market momentum.

    More info videos ect can be found by clicking HERE

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    Just a quick FYI, will be running a Cyber Monday sale at 50% off just email with any questions to get the link.

    [email protected]

    Thanks all have a great day!!


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