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Thread: Baset'z Diary

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    Baset'z Diary !!!

    Hello everyone!
    As of now, I don't have much time so browsing the forum is out of question, sadly.
    Opening a trading diary seems to be really useful, so I will try and keep it as much updated as possible.

    This morning I had my first trade, providing you guys the Ayrex graph (my broker now), because I don't have access to MT4 now.

    Edit: I know it is kind of pointless without much indepth of why I traded, but wanted to lay it down so that I feel forced to update it ahah
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    Nice call on GBP/USD. As I can see it was safe trade. Keep trade and update us. Share your trades.

    Happy trading!

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    Nice to see your new diary. Please update this often so that you and everybody here can see your progress.
    About the looooong chat that we had last night, I want to say that I like your mentality especially when you told me that you are not scared of losing money. Yes in trading we all do donate money in some way. Some people think that they'll become a pro after studying and trading only a few days or by just having a stupid holy grail strategy which is totally stupid. Your way of thinking is realistic and should take you a long way. Anyway, please use the "BS gift" that I gave you yesterday and I hope that you'll use it well. That was a freebie but if you want "the other goodies" you have to work for it by showing me lots of ITMs...
    Remember that what I gave you last night is basically for pro use and is like a double edge sword and is really not intended for a newbie because if you trip and fall down on it, it will chop you off or blow you account like magic but if you use it properly then it should serve you well.
    I hope you have now realised the importance of getting proper education so please do get one.

    PS: man, you should never ask a naked chartist to teach you about indies. Those indies gives me goosebumps, lol!
    Duct Tape can't fix OTM

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    Hey Baset, great to see you starting your own trading diary!

    It will greatly help you to boost your skills and especially the attitude toward trading in general.
    "The goal of a successful trader is to make the best trades. Money is secondary." - Alexander Elder

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    16 Dec 2016 !!!

    So, finally having the time to post yesterday trades.
    I am posting just "results", getting all of them with relative lines would take too much now, will try to get some in "real time" in next days anyways.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	16 dec 2016.jpg 
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    First 2 trades had been taken using simple Price Action and S\R lines, bounce trading.
    1^ trade: Went smoothly, exactly as supposed to
    2^ trade: Fucked up reading the chart

    For later trades instead, I was trading around 2 to 5 mins because it was late and market was just stalling, longer TF were almost static.
    I used : Bollinger Bands, Stochastics, trend lines and candlesticks reading.

    Calls: Stoch making low peaks - Candlesticks closing above Bollibands - Keep price action and "general" trend in mind
    Put: Opposite.

    Winning trades: Waited for strong signals and candles to close, not much luck was involved since most time they were ITM
    Losing trades: Messed up with timing, got excited and did not wait for signals to be strong or candles to close, my bad


    Got some good advices and started working towards finding my own style.
    Even if I closed the day pretty much even, I'm happy with it because I have been able to understand my fuckups and actually why they happened. Seems like I need a timer for candlestick closing times.

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    Definitely a good start!
    Keep it up and soon you will also be able to see various details on the charts and it will improve your trading significantly.
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    Baset, keep practising and you will find the que.

    Don't anticipate the market yet. ALWAYS and at all times wait for confirmation. Be patience!!!!

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